Hi im Shannon Smith and im 19yrs old and i have really curly hair. No i mean REALLY curly hair. I have dark brown eyes and im quite tall.



Louis pov:


"Hey guys lets play  5questions" I suggested. "Yeh" they all said. "So we all can ask shannon a question each" i said.

"So shannon, how old are you?" harry asked.

"19" Shannon said.

"Whats your faveourtie colour?" Liam asked.

"Blue" she awsnerd.

"Do you have any annoying habbits?" Asked Zayn.

"Yes, i always bite my nails" She plainly awnsers.

"Do you like nandos?" Asked niall. Trust him to ask about food

"Yes OBVS!" She said like it was the most obvious thing ever.

"Finally, did you use to have a imagenary friend?" i asked. ik random right.

"Well, i did one called Tyson" she awnserd. (True fact)


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