Hi im Shannon Smith and im 19yrs old and i have really curly hair. No i mean REALLY curly hair. I have dark brown eyes and im quite tall.



Shannons Pov:


Ring,Ring,Ring. My stupid alarm clock. I woke up and turned of the alarm and got out of bed. I walked down the stairs wobbling, im really not a morning person. I went into the kitchen to find a note.

Dear Shannon

I went out to work early but u were asleep and i know you like your sleep so i didnt wake you. I will back home about 10 pizza is in the fridge.

-Love Mum- XXX

Awww i went back up stairs and got changed. I ran down the stairs and got my school bag ,keys and phone. I locked the door behind me and then got in my car.


I got out of the car and walked into my big.big.BIG school. I went to my next class just to see Mrs Brown walk in. "Class i do not want you to freak out but we have 5new students who happen to be part of one direction" She said. OMFG.NO,NO,NOOO this cant be happening a girls screamed and then i didnt hear the rest exept "And louis i would like you to sit next to Miss Smith over there" She said pointing to me. I nearly screamed and sighed with anger as he sat next to me. "Hi im louis" He said kindly. "Hay Im shannon" I said trying not to say it with attitude.Then we didnt speak talk about awkward silence. ~SKIPP LESSON~  "Class dismissed" Mrs Brown shouted. I walked out the class with louis on my trail. I sashaed around with my curly hair flipping to the side. "What" I spat. "I was wondering i..f you would.. to.." he stutterd. "Spit it out" i said. "Comeoverandcomeandhangoutwiththeboysandmetoday" He said really quickly that i hardly understood. I reallly reallly REALLY wanted to say no but since it took him so hard to say it i said "argh ok.." i said.  "Yey, the adress is 97 Checkers Road" he said exitidly. Hes and eagor beaver right? ~SKIP SCHOOL~ I went out of school and walked to my car. What actully happend today... i am going over to the band i hates house. Im so stupid. i mentally facepalmed myself and got into the car. ~Skip the car ride again~ I got home and ran up the stairs. I took out a Blue striped top,Red suspenders and some red jeans. I ran down the stairs and slipped on some hot blue UGGs and thought i might aswell walk its not to long.

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