The Humans

For the "Writing the Future" competition. Hope you like it!

When Holenda, a typical marshian with red skin and three black eyes, wakes up one morning to a creature dressed in white kidnapping her village what will she do? For a mysterious reason the Creature has taken everything . Her human-crazy friend Maleen, Her mother, her Father, and even her little brother. On the dry dusty planet of Mars Holenda must save her village, but to do so she must take an incredible chance of trusting the same monsters that took her freedom.


2. Part 2

    Isn't this amazing?” Molène shouts as I entered a metal monster. It looked like a giant torpedo and a gun mixed into one huge object.  I hugged Molène and Henry told us to sit down. We did as told; we weren’t even thinking of disobeying these people. 

    “Here is some basic information.  This is the year 3043 and you will be located in Florida.  They will be running some tests on you I suppose but now just sit tight, we’ll be taking off soon” He got up and left.  I kept myself stable for only one more second before the tears came in a flood.  They wouldn’t stop; I just sat there, head on Molène’s shoulder, sobbing like a baby.  As we too off there was a rush of turbulence and then a gust so hard it was a miracle I didn’t get whiplashed.  The tears were yanked out of me and I was left in a daze.  The farther we went away from Mars the prettier the view in the window next to me became.  Purplish-gray rocks floated by and stars seemed large, but beautiful.   Molène and I watched as every color that we had ever seen, and some that we hadn’t, passed through our vision. 

    “We will be increasing our speed to an extreme as to get there quicker.  Buckle up and eat this.  You will sleep through the next few hours that we fly” Henry barged into the small room and handed us some funny looking tablets.  Hesitantly, Molène and I stuck them into our mouths, surprised at the sweetness.  After just a few seconds the world around me started spinning and then all went black.  


  “We have arrived!” Henry shook me awake and Molène was being awoken by another human, the one who had injected me.  I screamed in terror and curled up into a ball. 

     “He won’t hurt you now, he got his punishment” Henry patted my arm and I uncoiled myself.  Molène awoke and looked around in terror, forgetting where she was.  Then she stared at me until it came back to her.  Without a word we held each other’s hand, each of us relying on the other. 

    “Change into these if you want to” The man who had awoken Molène held out a couple unrecognizable pieces of fabric.  Molène held out her hand and grabbed them. 

    “Sweat pants! I’ve heard of these!  They are soft, Holenda, feel them!”  I rubbed the smooth fabric between my fingers.  She was right.  We both slipped them on over our one pieces and smiled.

     A man I had never seen before took my shoulder and announced, “When this door opens you will go down the stairs.  Follow Henry and Joseph to the building.  Many people will be there taking photographs, but ignore them” I was about to see what no Martian had ever seen before: earth.  The door opened and I entwined my three fingers with Molène’s.  We were welcomed by millions of flashes that blinded my view and shouts in the language of humans.   I hoped more of them had translators, this language sounded like a bunch of gibberish!  I followed Henry and the man who had injected me and awaken Molène, supposedly Joseph, through the crowd. 

     All of these humans had either peach skin, brown skin, or black skin, not the exotic colors of Martians.  The ground we walked on was uneven and full of pebbles.  That’s when I noticed that all of the humans had things covering their feet.  I wished I had some; my feet were bleeding by the time we passed through the mob and went into a large dome.  Molène’s face was beaming.  This was her fairytale, seeing the characters from all of her stories.  I started shaking, from fear or excitement I don’t know, but it overcame me and I collapsed onto the ground.   Immediately Henry turned around, pulled me up, and supported me as I walked.  I felt weak and helpless, like a child.  We were brought into the dome unceremoniously.  The doors opened after Joseph put his hand up on what looked like a computer screen and typed in a code.  With that we were escorted into a room with small machines and people.  The one man who everyone looked at with authority had white hair and it looked as if the skin around his eyes had been pulled down, making him look old and depressed.  What alarmed me the most was the mechanic people moving around serving the humans and pushing buttons on those complex machines of theirs.  I felt the colored eyes bore through my skin and I wanted to scream; they made me feel like an experiment.  

    “Hello, I am Dr. John if you’d allow me to take a few tests I would be honored, we don’t have much time you know” The old man smiled warmly at us.  “He must have a translator as well” I thought to myself and replied. 

    “Yes, you have our permission.  Could you tell us what we will all be doing on our visit?” I tried to be cordial. John nodded to two men who started to lead us to another room with tables.  He explained on the way. 

    “After the tests we will have you talk in front of some scientists.  Everyone there will be equipped with a translator and everything will be on tape” John seemed excited and I felt as if there was a young happy boy hidden under the shell of an aged man.  Molène had barely said a word, but was staring at everything in view.  We both took a seat and waiting for the tests to begin. 



    I was behind a stage and had been dressed in the most ridiculous clothing ever created!   A pink fabric had been draped over me and no pants had been allowed.  Humans had been putting black things on my eyes and more pink things on my lips.  This wasn’t funny.  Molène seemed to be enjoying it though.  Her black eyes glinted with excitement. 

    “Everyone is ready! Whenever you are ready get on up there!” Henry announced and gave my hand a squeeze.  Out of all the humans I only trusted Henry and was glad he was here.  Molène held my hand and giggled. 

    “We are ready” I said and Henry gave a slight nod and left.  Not three seconds later the curtain opened and lights were upon us that were brighter than the sun! 

     “Hello!  We are from um Mars?” I said, making it sound more like a question then a statement.  Molène shot me a look and spoke.

    “We feel very blessed to come and meet you all!  This is amazing, everything you have been able to accomplish is astonishing and we congratulate you!”  I gasped.  She was good at this!  The group of scientists before us clapped. 

    “I suppose you want to know a bit about us and our planet,” I started, “Well I am Holenda and this is my friend Molène.  We like on Mars and don’t actually work yet.  Our parents do work that, well they try to break the machines you send to Mars.  For years we have been changing the files In them so that you would never discover us” Gasps went around the room and hands went up.  I pointed to a man that had a bright blue piece of fabric hanging from his neck. 

     “What do you use as a source of energy and nutrients?” He questioned, pen and paper ready for my answer.  I looked at Molène who without verbal communication agreed to take this one. 

     “We eat the roots of Jubalee plants and also use underground forests that contain thousands of Yaloon trees that produce food” She explained.  I smiled, this wasn’t so hard after all!  The humans in the room started jotting down more notes but were interrupted by a loud boom that came from outside.  Yelling and screaming followed.  I stood still and stared at the door as footsteps came nearer and nearer.  The door opened to reveal no other than my parents and town armed with guns and ammunition.  Shouts went around the room but I fell, weak in the knees.  How could they attack?  We hadn’t been hurt!

    “Holenda, Moleen, we must go!  It’s gonna blow any second now!!”  My Father yelled.  Henry ran out to me and gave me a look of total and complete desperation. 

     “How could you do this?”  He yelled.

     “I-I had no part in this!  I am so sorry Henry!” I cried, realizing that I felt as if he had been a lifelong friend.  He enveloped my in a hug before I was pulled away by Galan who tugged at my odd clothes. 

    “Goodbye!” I called out behind me as we were rushed out of the chaotic room.  Nobody responded.  Molène and I were brought into one of our own ships that were shaped like circles. 

    “What did you do?” I asked my Father.

     “We sent radioactive signals to the earth’s core, it will explode the planet any second now!” He yelled over our UFO taking off. 

    “HOW COULD YOU?!?!  DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU”VE DONE?!?!” I screamed at him.  He didn’t respond.  I sobbed as we flew away from earth and out into space.  I turned around as I saw earth explode into red flames that erupted like a volcano, sending sparks flying.

      I sobbed with Molène.  I never spoke to my father or mother after that.  Me and Molène made our own home farther underground and studied what we had learned in hopes to bring human technology back to life.  No matter what happened I never forgot Henry.  I never went above and married, for my hearts belonged to a human.



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