The Humans

For the "Writing the Future" competition. Hope you like it!

When Holenda, a typical marshian with red skin and three black eyes, wakes up one morning to a creature dressed in white kidnapping her village what will she do? For a mysterious reason the Creature has taken everything . Her human-crazy friend Maleen, Her mother, her Father, and even her little brother. On the dry dusty planet of Mars Holenda must save her village, but to do so she must take an incredible chance of trusting the same monsters that took her freedom.


1. Part 1

The cry of my little brother awakes me, those large metal monsters have again landed on our quiet planet again.  Nobody knows who sends them; it was a mystery to us.  My friend, Molène, who has the prettiest purple colored skin, thinks that they are the humans she has read about.  Molène, always reading those fictional stories about human life forms, was convinced that they were real.  She says that they all have the same peach colored skin, no reds or purples or greens, and only two eyes!  Ha!  Everybody knows that only two eyes are horrendous!  You must have at least three to see correctly! 

    "Holenda, Get down here!  The machine detected us; we must change the data files! Hurry, this one is different!" My mother cried up at me. 

    "Fine, I'm coming, let me get dressed" I stood up out of bed and looked at myself in the mirror.  The red skin of a Martian and the same pure black eyes, like everyone else looked back at me.  My three eyes (one on top of the other two) stood out on my face.  The top one wasn’t completely open yet like my parents, but it would get there one day.  I grabbed my silver spandex one piece full body outfit and threw it on.  This happened all the time, yet we had never been caught.  These metal monsters came every other day.  That's another thing that Molène said about humans, their days were 365 Days a year!  We have 687, so 365 is unthinkable! For some reason I had been thinking about these humans more often lately, even listening when Molène rambled on about them. Their 5 fingers on each hand and foot intrigued me; three was plenty in my opinion. 

    I ran up our stairs to the outside.  We lived underground were it was cool and damp.  My heart was beating fast.  Different, what made it so special?

    "I'm here!"  I yelled.  Immediately I was able to pick out Molène, who was running towards me.  Behind her was a creature, dressed all in white, chasing her!  I was paralyzed in fright, never before had these machines carried anything living!  The glass was there instead of a face and it had tubes running to a small mechanism on its back. 

    "Holenda, Run!!"  Molène screamed out to me.  The white creature makes a series of sounds put together, which I guess is its language.  I decided to listen to Molène and run.  Running with all my might and focusing on nothing but the red horizon I missed a hole.  Without warning my foot slid down the narrow gap, trapping me.  I tried to wiggle out, but it seemed as if the sand was filling in around my foot.  

     "Holenda!!!!!!!!!"  I heard my name. "RUN!" 

    "I can't!  My ankle, it's stuck!"  I tried to say, but I was cut off by another scream from Molène.  I saw the white creature scoop her up flinging her over his shoulder. 

    No, this couldn't be happening!  What was this despicable creature?   Was it going to kill us all?   I attempted to move, to get away, but I was stuck.  My vision becomes a blur as sand starts to fill my eyes as the wind whips it around.  All I saw was the red and brown sand swirling in front of me.  The abnormal shapes of our two moons shone through the dust.  In front of them drifted the large shape of the creature in white. 

    "Let go of me!"  I screamed as he grabbed me, pulling me up out of the hole.  It’s arm wraps around my waist and I am flung over his back.  I prepared myself for the worst as the kidnapping monster started walking towards another one of its horror machines. 




      "Holenda!"  I was being shaken awake.  My brother, Galan’s, small chubby hands patted my cheek.  "Holenda, "Wake UP!!"  He whined, now pulling my arm. 

    "I don't want to get up" I mumbled, reaching for my bedcovers that he must have pulled off of me.  But they weren't there and neither was my pillow.  I sat straight up, remembering the white monster. 

     Were these the humans?  I turned around and saw the rest of my family huddled in a corner, shuddering in fear.  I wondered if they were afraid of me, but then I saw Galan take a few steps back and join them.  With a slow realization I turned my body, closing my eyes.  When I opened them I saw an odd creature.  It had a furry substance that was not quite red or black.  His skin was a light color and his eyes were bright blue.  I gasped. Molène was right, this was a human.   

    "What are you here for?"  I asked it, trying to sound normal. Then I remembered that he didn’t speak our language.  I reached out my hand to touch its face, such a funny color….  He smiled, showing his teeth.  I heard shrieks from behind me.  Galan ran up and kicked the human in the legs and punched him in the gut.  For only being six years old he was quite strong and the human groaned holding his stomach. 

    Galan yelled and pulled me into the corner.  The human didn’t look happy and he took me back out.  

     He pulled out a long thin sword looking device and stuck it into my arm.  I shrieked in terror and confusion, wanting nothing but to awaken from this must be nightmare.  Another Human came in and slapped the first one’s face, making loud noises in what must be his language.  After being slapped again, number one left and the second one came over to me.  I flinched away when he went to touch me.  He smiled, trying to reassure me.   

    “Hello, are you OK?”  I froze in amazement; he had spoken in my language! 

     “I am speaking to you from a translator positioned on my neck, do not be afraid, I am Henry” He tried to soothe me. 

      “Why have you done this to my people?!”  I half cried half screamed.  Of all the things I would have imagined saying to a human that would have been the last.  He looked sympathetic and tried to smile.

    “An assignment, we are supposed to bring a few of you back to earth.  You will be one of the few.  They have chosen you to have a trip to our planet.  You will have One day on earth, and we must take you now” He explained, not sugar-coating anything. My two hearts stopped beating. 

     “Can I take someone with me?” I asked, desperate.    

     “Yes, but not from your family, that is forbidden.  Who shall I request?” 

     “Molène.  Molène Hockler” I mumbled.  I knew that Molène might know a bit about the going on of earth and would be a strong supporter.  I wanted her to come. 

    “I will have it arranged.  You get two minutes with your family, then we must leave” He turned to go but stopped and looked back at me.  “I’m sorry, it’s just business”   He looked sad and guilty as if he knew what I was feeling.  His footsteps echoed until they weren’t there at all and Galan wrapped his small arms around me in a hug. 

     “Don’t go, sissy, I want you to stay here with me” He sobbed into my shoulder.     

   “I don’t want to go either, Galan, but you must be strong” I stroked his back and hummed a lullaby. I was surprisingly calm, as if even my emotions knew that I needed to look unafraid for my Family, for myself.   Neither of my parents said a word, they stared at me as if I was an alien.  Before I knew it, before I had said what had needed to be said, Henry came back in.  

“It’s time” He announced and motioned me towards the door.  Two more humans came in and stood in front of my Family so that they wouldn’t try to stop them.  I heard Galan screaming my name hitting the people, but he couldn’t get through.  Without a fight I walked out of the door, heading towards a world of the unknown.  

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