Never thought it would end up like this! <3

Sophie and her best friend Paige both age16 and are best friends with all the boys but will they become more than friends with one? <3 xxx


3. Thoughts when Harry was in the shower!

That didn't just happen did it I just kissed who I thought was just a friend what was I doing "arghhhh I'm saying in my head you silly girl you have ruin a great friendship but then again Paige and Louis were best friends but now they are going out!" After a couple of minutes I heard Harry singing softly in the shower, so on his great singing I went downstairs.

When I reached the top the stairs I saw the two love birds (Paige and Louis) I looked with a big grin on my face saying "your so fucking cute together!" They both laughed and went in for a big passionate kiss which looked so adorable I wish I could have something like that I suppose I do because I think me and Harry will end up like them, I'm giving it 2 days and I think we will be going out! Well fingers crossed!

As I got downstairs I started making breakfast for everyone i'm like the mum of the house I basically cook, clean etc They all help though they don't just leave me to do it but I am the mum of the house and to be honest I don't care what I am because, I am surrounded by the most loving family ever! I made full English breakfast for all them I always make extra as I know they are all quite greedy especially Niall who loves his food hehe! :) As I shouted "BREAKFAST!" They all come running down screaming and jumping like little kids!

They all sat at the table scoffing down their food but Harry wasn't in his place so I said "save some for me and Harry" I knew I was asking something that they probably wouldn't of heard me so I grab a plate and put a bit of food on for me and Harry. I did that because if I leave them with the food and then I come back it would all be gone haha. Anyway I put the food in the top of the oven just too keep it warm whilst I go and see what is keeping Harry.

I scurried up stairs but I went quietly and I could hear that Harry was still in the shower and I needed one so I shout "hurry up Hazza breakfast is ready and I need a shower!" He replied "come and get in then we can save water" So I hestitated for a couple of minutes then I thought what have I got to lose so I quickly pulled my clothes of and ran in too the shower. As I stepped in I felt Harrys warm hand touch mine and he held it tightly saying "get here!" I was pulled in too him (baring in mind we are both butt naked), and he slowly kiss me with his soft lush lips! I made a "mmmmm" sound and he said "we don't have to do it if you don't want too","go for it Hazza!"

So he pulled me in to him tightly but then lifted me up in too his soft arms which were hard and manly so really massive strong muscles! Anyways I was shouting his name really loud and he whispered in my ear "am I hurting you baby we can stop", "I just moaned." He carried on we were in the shower about 45 minutes so that means Harry had been in the shower over and hour so we eventually decided we were should get out, as we had gone all wrinkly you know like you do.

When we got out he he swung me around we were still naked and we had a passionate kiss it had a lot of meaning too it, it was the best kiss I had ever had with anyone! As he stopped kissing he said "babe can I ask you something", "yeah what is?", "I want to be able to treat you like a princess protect you everyday and just be there for you when you need someone to talk too, so will you be my girlfriend so I can do all that and much more?" I died inside excitedly I screamed "YES!" (still naked!)

Harrys p.o.v.

Whoooooooooooooooooo! she didn't say no thank god I've finally got the girl I have loved ever since I met her. Where do i take her on the first date hmmmmm i will ask Louis we could have a double date! Can't wait she is the cutest sweetest girl ever I truly think she is the one. Haha i smiled to my self as we are both sat here still naked and dripping wet.

I snapped out of my fantasy when the door banged open it was Louis! Sophie was naked and she screamed and said "LOUIS GO OUT!" as she said that i jumped in front of her to hide her as Louis had seen my bits of bobs before so i wasn't fussed i was just fussed that he had seen my girlfriend naked!

Louis p.o.v

I'd finished my breakfast and Harry, Sophie hadn't had theres yet so i went to go find them too see if they were still in or if they had just forgotten so i was going to find what they were up to as they must be hungry. Anyways before i went up i grabbed my gorgeous girlfriend (Paige) and whispered meet me in my room in 10 minutes she did a cheeky little laugh whilst saying "I will do!" Anyways I got to top of the step and shouted "HARRY!" I got no reply and I thought I'd just heard Sophie downstairs so as you do I just walked in to there room and they were both naked so my answer to that was "WOAH ARGHHHHHHH!" Phahahaha I shouldn't laugh but Sophie's reaction was funny and Harry seem a bit angry as I obviously ruin something. As soon as I saw they were naked I ran out the door laughing and shut the door behind me but I needed to apologise "I'm sorry guys I thought Sophie was downstairs and well Harry I didn't care seeing you naked as I have seen you before naked haha anyways I'm so sorry hope you can forgive me!"

Harrys p.o.v

As Louis had apologise I helped my gorgeous girlfriend get dressed but I put my top on her and gave her a pair of her cute shorts and said "whatever you wear you always look stunning!" And with that she gave me a little peck on the cheek and saying "thanks baby!" When I went to get another top out for me and some skinny jeans I heard the most funniest sound coming from Sophies stomach, "babe are you hungry you go downstairs and start eating if you want I will be down in two seconds but don't tell everyone about us just yet I want us to both tell them." Tiredly, she got up and walked out the room but as I'm a guy I do what every guy would do and stare at her fit ass, soft blonde hair and her sexy tanned legs! I can't tell you how much I love her!




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