Never thought it would end up like this! <3

Sophie and her best friend Paige both age16 and are best friends with all the boys but will they become more than friends with one? <3 xxx


4. Telling everyone about us!

When I go downstairs I saw Sophie, Paige gossiping about Louis and how cute they both are together! So I just grab some food and sat next to them but they didn't notice me as I they were in mid convo and when girls are gossiping they don't notice anything around them but I find it so cute when my girlfriend is doing it!

"Soph, Paigeee are we going to go grab your things then?" I was thinking too myself they probably didn't hear me but surprisingly they did and at the exact same time they said "yeah just a sec."

Sophies p.o.v.

So I was talking to Paige about Louis and you know it was just the usual gossip that us girls have about boys so how hot/fit they are and how much we love them and shit. When Paige was telling me I was so dying to tell her but when it was just about to slip out of my tongue I saw Harry was sat right next to me so I couldn't haha.

We all stood whilst Harry shouted "EVERYONE MEETING IN THE LIVING ROOM NOW!" He smirked at me as well as winking and we all walked in and sat down. I was thinking what is he doing but then I realised no one knows about me and him, so I think that is what he was going to tell them.

"Right so you know Sophie and me we are official girlfriend and boyfriend!" he did that with a massive grin on his face which showed he wasn't one of them boys that wanted to hide me from everyone and not telling anyone. "But we think it's best the press don't know just yet as I want to keep my baby safe from all the abuse she will get from the crazy people out there!" With that I jumped up and kissed him, why I kissed is because I found it so cute how he thinks of my feelings and shows he cares about me!


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