Never thought it would end up like this! <3

Sophie and her best friend Paige both age16 and are best friends with all the boys but will they become more than friends with one? <3 xxx


2. Poop I forgot all my things were still at my own house and so has Paige!

When me and Harry had stopped spooning I swore underneath my breath and realised I had left all my clothes at my own house! What was I going to do that was all I could think!! also, what has Paige been wearing for the last couple of days too!

When Harry had heard me swear he whispered in my ear "are you alright you know you can tell me anything I will keep it a secret I promise babe!" I said "well the thing is you know I've like only moved in here last night well I've kinda not got anything at all too wear no underwear nothing I don't have anything of my stuff and Paige's stuff is still at our house as we haven't yet fully moved in here." If your wondering me and Paige have been friends since we were four and we have always dreamed about having a gorgeous house together but we are just best friends we are not lesbians we just had a great dream and it eventually cam true but unfortunately we are going too have too sell it! :(

"Well babe you can borrow a top of mine and then just wear the shorts from yesterday, oh wait yeah they are muddy aren't they from when you fell over ermmm that's awkward, I know what we can do just here you are" and he was taking of the shirt that he had just put on and ooooffft I could see his hot body! When he was giving it too me he obviously could read my mind because he said " don't worry I will put all your things in the wash and they should be ready in at least an hour. Then you can wear that whilst me, you, Paige and Louis go get all your stuff!"

How cute he was leaving just for me so I could get changed but to be honest I don't care if he sees as I have seen his bits and bobs before anyway so what does it matter if he sees mine! So I say " Hazza you don't need to leave the room whilst I slip a t-shirt on come on it's not like you haven't seen me naked before haha" He giggled saying " are you sure because I don't want to feel like I'm staring because I think I will be!" "Mmmmm I said your so funny you sexy beast!" He giggled. Whilst I was getting undressed I could see his emerald green eyes staring at me which then I went in too my own fantasy world but stupidly when I was in that I was still getting changed in the real world and I got the top stuck over my head so I was just casually stood in the room with a top stuck on my head. What got me out of my world was Harrys warm soft hands touch my waist saying "do you need help babe?" "Well this is awkward",  "don't be silly its quite funny how you say all these things and do all these things!" As he pulled the top down I turned around and said "thank you" But this amazing special moment wasn't over because as I was half way with saying "thank you" I felt these gorgeous soft sweet pink lips slowly kiss mine! Of course I kissed back because it felt right and I was just starting to get true feelings for him! This kiss lasted at least 3 minutes but about at 3 minutes Louis and Paige ran in saying "WE ARE OFFICIALLY GOING OUT!" But then they both stop and laugh and say "whoopsies I think we have ruin something!"

Me and Harry stop and totally ignore them and smile :)

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