Never thought it would end up like this! <3

Sophie and her best friend Paige both age16 and are best friends with all the boys but will they become more than friends with one? <3 xxx


1. Ordinary day with One direction <3

"LOUIS!" screamed Harry who happened too be lying next me. Don't stress me and Harry are just friends nothing more and definitely nothing less. Anyway as I opened my eyes I saw Louis dancing around the bedroom saying "if you don't get up Sophie in 5 seconds I will shoot you with this water gun!" I look too the side of me and there is Harry saying in his sexy morning voice "I would get up if I was you as you can see he has just done it too me!" Which you could tell as Harrys gorgeous curly hair had gone flat on his head but not too flat because he keeps doing his special flick which by the way makes him look soooo hot!! So with that I giggled and quickly jumped up well I say I jumped more like tried too because as I tried Harry grabbed me and pulled me back in the bed and Louis was counting down and he was on 1 which meant freezing cold water was just about to be poured all over me and I tried too hide myself underneath the quilts but Harry stopped the quilt from going over my head, so I got water poured all over me! As it happened I screamed but a happy one because I've just realised that I actually do love these guys too bits and I love it when they do all this crazy stuff with me!

When I screamed Niall, Zayn and Liam dashed in as it probably sounded like I was getting hurt by a complete utter stranger but no it was just Louis and Harry messing around! What I love about these boys is that they care for me so much and they would die for me and I definitely would do the same!

Anyway as I came out of my own world I realised Harry was saying in his sexy morning voice " babe babe are you alright babe babe?" My reply too that was a sweet kiss on the cheek and a hug!


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