Never thought it would end up like this! <3

Sophie and her best friend Paige both age16 and are best friends with all the boys but will they become more than friends with one? <3 xxx


5. Getting in to the car to get our things from the house!

After everyone had found out , all us four (Paige, me, Louis, Harry) went to grab the car keys and our jackets.

Me and Harry was going in his car and Paige and Louis in a separate one we have gone in two different cars as there will be a lot of things we need.  We aren't selling the house we are just renting it as then we are making a bit of money for ourselves. Anyways we got to the car outside and it was just starting to rain and I didn't want to ruin my hair so I was screaming "open open open the car quickly Hazza!" Paige was doing the same but shouting Louis instead of Harry. Eventually Harry opened the car and I jumped in I wasn't that wet which was alright but I was cold. Harry got in the drivers seat and saw I was shaking and said here you go babe and he gave me sunglasses and his hoodie! (Awwww!) Then when I realised why has he given me his sunglasses I said , "babe why have you given me these when it is raining?"

"Because if the press see you they won't be able to recognise you also, the camera flash won't blind you." "Awww thank you for caring." I went to kiss his cheek but him being cheeky he turn in to do lips, of course I did them!

Paiges p.o.v

Me and Sophie were stood screaming to get in the car as both are hair is exactly the same and gets this awful weird kink/wave in it and we want to keep looking our best for our boyfriends even if they don't give a stuff of what we look like because they love us so much they don't care!

Anyway Louis being the funny, hot cute him messed me around he didn't open the car and whilst I was shouting at him he stopped me and kissed me! don't you just love it when a guy stops and kisses you whilst your trying to have a go I always find it cute un less it was a really serious moment but this definitely wasn't a serious moment haha! When we had stopped kissing I was soaking wet as the rain had got really fast, and  I didn't care because in front of me was the fittest guy and guess what he is all mine! Suddenly we both realised we are meant to be going somewhere and we snapped back in to reality which we saw which was cute Harry and Sophie fully getting off! I think they must of got bored of waiting for me and Louis so they decided to just make out!

Harry p.o.v

We are at waiting for Louis and Paige to get in their car as we are following them but they are too busy kissing! Sophie was giggling and then she took a picture as Paige had ask for to do it so then she had a cut picture of her and Louis.

In the end I decided I might as well just make out with my girlfriend as she is looking so pretty and I haven't in a while.

Sophie p.o.v

Me and harry were in a full make out session! This kiss wasn't just a cute little one this one was big passionate kiss it had tongues and everything!


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