Never thought it would end up like this! <3

Sophie and her best friend Paige both age16 and are best friends with all the boys but will they become more than friends with one? <3 xxx


6. Car journey!

Whilst we were kissing there was a big "BEEP BEEP!" Which was Louis and Paige telling us to stop kissing and to get going. Harry laughed and put the car in to gear and set off.

Harrys p.o.v

That kiss was immense I just know I truly do love this girl and I she isn't just a girl that I will fuck with then leave, I mean I couldn't stand to see her hurt. Whilst I was driving along Sophie put mine and the rest of the boys Up all night album on, she started singing along to what makes you beautiful, her voice was the sweetest thing ever she looked at me when it came to my part and said "your voice is so sexy baby I love it!" I giggled and touch her leg even though I was driving!

Louis p.o.v

As me and Paige are both crazy and love to mess around I put on the Crazy frog song on and we both put this funny voice on and pretended to be the crazy voice! When we reached the traffic lights they were on red so we had to stop and I quickly gave Paige a kiss as I think to myself she is just a perfect match for me and I think she is the one!


Heyy guys sorry this chapter is short I will try and update every day love Sophie the author! :) xxxxxxxxxx

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