Dani's Castle: House Meets Castle

Dani's best friends are coming to the castle, Kathlin doesn't fit in with the girls Ruby and Dani, when she is about to leave, Dani comes running back to Kathlin because Ruby and Gabe have just got together. Meanwhile Leo, Jack, Jimmy and Esme all think someone is there, or something. The begin to realize that they need everyone to defeat.... SLENDER!


6. The Big Talk

Scene 6

Ruby is banging on the door. She is still locked in the bedroom.

Ruby: Help! Please someone! Help me! Get me out of here!

Esme: (She appears.) You watch that show.

Ruby: What?

Esme: I’m A Ghost, Get Me Out Of Here. It’s a remake of I’m A Celeb.

Ruby: Never mind that, please get me out.

Esme: Sorry, we never met. Who are you?

Ruby: I’m Ruby, you know. The person who wants to get out of this room.

Esme: Well, who invited you here?

Ruby: Dani.

Esme: Wait, you’re the girl. The girl Dani hates.

Ruby: Yes, no can’t you get me out of here.

Esme: No. (She walks off.)

Ruby: Wait, no, why?

Esme: Because I actually like Dani, and if she hates you, then there must be a reason. So sorry, but I can’t.

Ruby: But, wait! (Esme disappears. Ruby starts banging on the door.) Please, someone help!

Scene 7

Dani and everyone are in the hall.

Dani: Okay, Jack and Gabe are looking for Esme, now we all have to save my brother.

Jimmy: Ok let’s go. I knew I should have gone to the gym yesterday.

Dani: Ruby is a personal trainer. She was about to start her own gym up.

Kaitlin: Okay everyone, let’s go.

Dani: Ruby was also so brave and she always said, nothing is scary but-

Leo: Can you stop going on about Ruby, twenty four seven?

Kaitlin: Do you miss her?

Dani: I can’t do this.

Kaitlin: Do what?

Dani: I can’t lock away my best friend. She was there for me.

Jimmy: But, what about your brother?

Dani: Jack will be back and he will tell you.

Leo: Well good luck with that plan because he might not.

Dani: (They all look at him.) What?

Leo: Did I say that out loud again? Please don’t tell me that I did that.

Jimmy: You actually did.

Kaitlin: I knew it. You do know something about Esme.

Dani: Have to go get Ruby? (She runs off.)

Jimmy: Explain now.

Leo: This might take some time.


Scene 8

Dani opens the door which Ruby was in.

Ruby: Dani, your letting me go?

Dani: No.

Ruby: What are you doing then?

Dani: We are having a big talk?

Ruby: About what?

Dani: We are going back to 2011. The day we met.


Scene 9

Set back in scene 7.

Kaitlin: All lies.

Jimmy: They could be true.

Kaitlin: How?

Jimmy: Because why would Gabe be so surprised when we told him about Slender.

Leo: Oh, no! I promised that I wouldn’t say a word.

Jimmy: We have to find Esme.

Kaitlin: Dani’s going to kill us if we don’t find her brother.

Jimmy: Well I’m going to find Esme. Coming Leo.

Kaitlin: Wait, Leo is staying with me.

Leo: I’ll actually wanna go look for Esme, so bye! (They walk off.)

Kaitlin: So unfair. (She opens the door and then walks out, she leaves the door open.)

Slender: (Slender enters the castle.) I can’t wait to get my hands on those pair of kids. They will be dead, just like those other kids I killed earlier. (He walks down the hall way.)

Kaitlin: (She comes back to the castle.) Nearly forgot to close the door. I’m such an amazing person. Dani’s gonna love me. Maybe even more than Ruby. (She goes out and closes the door.)


Scene 9

Set back in scene 8.

Dani: And since then we were friends.

Ruby: We still are. We are best friends.

Dani: No, we were best friends. I grew up.

Ruby: Just now.

Dani: I just realised how sly and idiotic you were.

Ruby: Are you just here to patronise me?

Dani: I was busy with Kaitlin.

Ruby: Your new best friend.

Dani: Well at least she wouldn’t do something like that.

Ruby: You had to have everything. A good job, a boyfriend.

Dani: Don’t tell me you didn’t have anything.

Ruby: Well, I didn’t have a boyfriend.

Dani: Who cares? You had me and Jack; we were your best friends.

Ruby: Well, at least best friends don’t tell secrets to the whole world.

Dani: Oh, please grow up, we got over that.

Ruby: Well it still hurts me that you told everyone.

Dani: That was by accident and you know that. What about things you did to me.

Ruby: Name one thing.

Dani: (Pause.) Maybe later.

Ruby: Told you, I never did anything to jeopardize our friendship, except for this.

Dani: This is even worse with what you did to me. You stole the person I actually loved. I mean I have seen this guy way before you did.

Ruby: But you didn’t have time for him when he needed you.

Dani: I was busy with Kait.

Ruby: You still blanked him.

Dani: Well I didn’t know what he was going to say.

Ruby: True.

Dani: And I did come back to see what he wanted, but you were loving him up.

Ruby: Just take him, I don’t care, he did leave me.

Dani: I don’t care, you can have him.

Ruby: Really?

Dani: I just wanted to be your friend, your best friend.

Ruby: I know.

Dani: What?

Ruby: I know you probably realised that Kait was a bad friend.

Dani: Kaitlin is a great friend. Don’t say that ever about her.

Ruby: Kaitlin probably average.

Dani: She is more than average.

Ruby: Well what is she doing know.

Dani: Looking for my brother.

Ruby: Max. I hope he dies.

Dani: Take that back. Never say that about my brother.

Ruby: Make me.

Dani: Ok, I hope your sister, Maisy, kills herself.

Ruby: How dare you?

Dani: What are you going to do about that?

Ruby: Take that back!

Dani: She probably saw the sight of you and then cried like a little baby. Oh wait she’s only 11.

Ruby: Dani, you’re going to regret you even said that.

Dani: Well you’re gonna regret living.

Ruby: Wow, living in a castle really made you snobby.

Dani: Hey, just because I own this place doesn’t mean I’m a snob.

Ruby: No, it makes you a bigger one.

Dani: Fine, you think that, but you have to leave my castle.

Ruby: You’re right. I should leave, but why should I. (She pulls a lighter from her pocket.) It’s amazing what you can do with these things.

Dani: Don’t you dare. You can set this place you fire.

Ruby: You’re right again. I’m not setting the castle; I’m setting you and the castle. (She runs out the door and Dani follows her but Ruby slams the door.)

Dani: (She starts banging the door.) Please Ruby, get me out of here.

Ruby: (She is outside in the hall way.) Never! By the way I got it from your best friend Kaitlin.

Dani: Get me out! Help! Anyone! Please!

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