Dani's Castle: House Meets Castle

Dani's best friends are coming to the castle, Kathlin doesn't fit in with the girls Ruby and Dani, when she is about to leave, Dani comes running back to Kathlin because Ruby and Gabe have just got together. Meanwhile Leo, Jack, Jimmy and Esme all think someone is there, or something. The begin to realize that they need everyone to defeat.... SLENDER!


2. The Big Question

Scene 7

Kaitlin and Dani are still arguing.

Dani: I do!

Kaitlin: No you don’t!

Dani: I do!

Kaitlin: Prove it!

Dani: How?

Gabe: (He runs in.) My lady, can I ask you something?

Dani: Not now, Gabe!

Kaitlin: I’m fine, I’ll go!

Dani: No Kaitlin!

Gabe: I need to ask you-

Dani: Shut up Gabe!

Gabe: Fine! I’ll go!

Ruby: (Ruby runs in.) Gabe!

Gabe: Don’t hear what I have to say! (Gabe runs out.)

Ruby: Gabe! (Ruby follows Gabe.)

Kaitlin: Go off with your best friend. (She runs out the door.)

Dani: Kaitlin! I’m sorry.


          Scene 8

Esme is on her laptop. Leo enters.

Esme: Hey Leo, how you?

Leo: Well, I’m fine-

Esme: Ok, back to me! Guess what just happened.

Leo: What?

Esme: Guess what, means, guess!

Leo: Ok, (Pause) I give up!

Esme: You haven’t even thought of anything.

Leo: Just tell me!

Esme: Only if you guess!

Leo: Ok, you found the-

Esme: Slender, I found Slender.

Leo: What?

Esme: I know, amazing news!

Leo: No, you just told me without me guessing.

Esme: Forget that! What about Slender?

Leo: What is Slender?

Esme: (Sarcastically) What is Slender?

Leo: I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you.

Esme: You don’t know who Slender is? Oh my god!

Leo: We will ask Dani? (Leo calls Dani.)

Dani: (Dani enters.) What? I’m really busy!

Leo: Who is Slender?

Dani: Why? I know who he is though.

Esme: See!

Leo: Who is he?

Dani: It’s a person that appears somewhere but then magically goes somewhere else?

Esme: I found him near the castle grounds.

Dani: What, who is getting possessed by Slender?

Esme: I don’t know, we have to find him and perform an exorcism!

Dani: Let’s not get too far. I can’t, I’m up to my eyes!

Esme: I’ll have to ask people to help. Maybe Kaitlin!

Dani: I wouldn’t, she is in a bad mood!

Scene 9

Jack and Jimmy are in Jimmy’s bedroom, when suddenly Esme and Leo enter the room.

Leo: We need your help.

Jack: With what?

Esme: Slender problems?

Jimmy: What?

Jack: Who is Slender?

Jimmy: Where is he?

Esme: Outside!

Leo: Well, who is outside now!

Jimmy: Make sure everyone is in the castle.

Esme: We will gather everyone in the kitchen. (They all leave except Jack.)

Jack: Who is Slender?


          Scene 10

Esme and Leo are in the library and they are closing all windows.  

Leo: How do we know we can trust you?

Esme: Would I lie about something like this?

Leo: Yes, you always lie. Slender might not even be real, and anyway how do you know a lot about him.

Esme: I don’t want to talk about. Anyway, now all windows are closed.

Leo: (The both sit down on a chair.) Wait, how will I a Kaitlin get home?

Esme: You’ll just have to stay here until the coast is clear.

Les: Yes, sleepover!


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