So We Meet Again

Sophie was once best mates with they boy known as Harry Styles but his career came first and when he became part of the famous band known as One Direction they lost contact. When Sophie gets front row tickets for their concert will he notice her or will he just forget!!!!!


8. The talk

Sophie's POV

Harry had just asked me to talk to him outside. I just said ok and stood up, i looked at Kes and Paige who had the biggest ever smirks on their faces. Harry opened the door and held it open for me (such a gentlemen) and then shut it behind him. I was really nervous what was he going to say

Harry's POV

I shut the door behind me and I started to get really nervous I had butterfly's in my tummy. I need to do this harry i thought to myself. But what happens if she say no. I stood there for about 2 minutes when i just went out with it. "Sophie I have loved you ever since I was 12 but I didn't want to ruin our friendship so i never had the nerve to tell you. When we lost contact i cried every time something reminded me of you I don't ever ever want that to happen again Sophie when you said you had feelings for me back in there I knew it was the time i knew you were the one for me you made me so happy that you felt the same way. So Sophie Fisher will you be my girlfriend I promise you you will never regret this I want you to be happy for the rest of your life I want to be with you and I want my kids to look up to you and call you mummy"

Sophie POV

Teas were rolling down my eyes. The boy I have loved all my life just asked me to be mine. "Harry Styles I have loved you all my lie when we lost contact my heart crumbled in to pieces. I could never imagine another moment without you in my life again. Of course i will be your girlfriend" I whispered as I could hardly speak. His face formed a massive smile and all of a sudden his soft lips were touching mine. I kissed back straight away it was far the best kiss I have ever experienced in my life sparks were flying everywhere. I loved this boy and I wanted him to be mine. When we split apart we walked in hand in hand and told Paige and Kes that we were official.

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