So We Meet Again

Sophie was once best mates with they boy known as Harry Styles but his career came first and when he became part of the famous band known as One Direction they lost contact. When Sophie gets front row tickets for their concert will he notice her or will he just forget!!!!!


7. The devious plan

Sophie's POV

We had sat and talked for ages when Kes said whose up for truth or dare. The 3 of us agreed with her then we all sat in a circle and stated to play I was up first ohh no. I decided to pick truth as i know what Kes dare are like.


Me and Paige had a plan. We needed to set up Harry and Sophie. We had the best plan ever if we would play truth and dare and get them to admit there love for each other Harry would kick up the courage to ask Sophie out. Sophie ended up going first and she picked truth here we go, I was already laughing as I knew what was coming up.

Sophie's POV

Oh no I knew something bad was coming up as Kes just did her wicked laugh. "do you have any feelings for Harry" I knew i was going red i felt my checks getting hotter every second. "ohhh someones going red you obviously do" Kes shouted. I looked at Harry and he was slightly red too. I thought for a couple of seconds and then yes just spurted out of my mouth i dint mean it to but i couldn't hold it in any longer. " yess we all knew its good to get it out know isn't it." Paige said. I was so embarrassed.

Harry's POV

OMG i couldn't believe this all those years i have liked her and know she likes me I so desperately need to ask her out "Sophie can I talk to you outside for a minute" I whispered.  

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