So We Meet Again

Sophie was once best mates with they boy known as Harry Styles but his career came first and when he became part of the famous band known as One Direction they lost contact. When Sophie gets front row tickets for their concert will he notice her or will he just forget!!!!!


6. Backstage, but with who?


We was walking through the corridors backstage. Me and Paige were walking behind Sophie. We both knew why we had been called down here and we know she did to. She looked really nervous but excited in a way we suddenly stopped and the man asked us to wait here as he took Sophie in to a room but who was in there. I think I know. The man came out and asked us to wait here so me and Paige put our heads to the wall to find out what was going on.

Sophie's POV

Paige and Kes got told to wait outside for a couple minutes and I got taken in to a room i knew who was in there. At first i just saw a sofa but as i looked to my left there standing right in front of my eyes was Harry Styles. I was speechless the man went out of the room and thank god Harry broke the silence as it was really awkward. "Sophie i cannot explain how much I have missed you i have no idea how we lost contact but i don't want to loose you again i love you Sophie your still my best friend just please forgive me i didnt mean for us to loose contact please say you remember me please Sophie" I was speechless a tea dropped down my eye i just ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug ever " i remember you harry and i dont want to ever loose you again it ripped me up I love you why do you think i got tickets to your tour, I wanted to see your face one more time" I said between my tears. We sat and talked for what felt like ages catching up on everything that had been going on in life having a good old laugh like we used to. When Harry all of a sudden said " wheres Paige I saw her in the crowd with you I've missed her too" i had totally forgot they were out there "errmmm I forgot I had left them outside your door woops" was my reply. He just burst out laughing and went to open the door.

Harry's POV

I had missed Sophie so much and it was good to have a catchup with her until i realized I had seen Paige in the crowd too I've missed her so i asked Sophie where she was and she had left her outside. When she told me i couldn't help but laugh but i managed to get up to open the door when i opened it there was Paige and this other girl stood there Paige had the hugest grin on her face a just shouted her name and gave her a massive hug. "i missed you" i whispered in her ear. "i missed you to she said letting go of the hug,



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