So We Meet Again

Sophie was once best mates with they boy known as Harry Styles but his career came first and when he became part of the famous band known as One Direction they lost contact. When Sophie gets front row tickets for their concert will he notice her or will he just forget!!!!!


3. 1 day to go

Sophie POV

I cannot wait as it is the concert tomorrow. There is now 3 of us going me Kes and my best friend Paige who has just got back from her holiday in New York, we just managed to get her tickets next to us. I wish Eleanor was coming with us though. Me and Paige have been friends since we were 4 she was really close with Harry too. We met Kes and Eleanor when we moved up to high school and now we are never separated. Tonight me and Kes are off to sleep at Paige's so that we can get off early in the morning. I hate packing for sleepovers as I get really stressed out. " toothbrush, makeup, Clothes, chargers, Ipod, Ipad and phone, ready to go" i said to myself as I double checked that i had everything. I stepped out my door and closed it behind me. It took me a god 5 minutes to lock the door as i can never do it properly. Paige just lives round the corner to me it takes less than 2 minutes to walk so i decided to walk. When i got there Kes was already there so we all just decided to watch DVDs and eventually all fell asleep.

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