Love At Last

When Ella's boyfriend Will cheats on her, she thinks her love life is ruined. But when her and her friends meet the one and only One Direction, can Ella finally find her love?! Will it last?! Will the One Direction team fall for Ella's small town girl friends?! Find out!!:)


8. Ch. 8 our sandwich

"well i know i told you that i would only bring a sandwich, but i kinda got carried away at the store so i brought you..." he started pulling out tuns of food "two PB&Js, two apples, grapes, and my mum's homemade chocolate cake!" he said smiling with a proud look on his face, and puling out more stuff for our picnic in the park. "OMG Zayn thank you this is crazy. i need to take a pic to send to my friend Daniella, she loves food!" i said pulling out my phone. "o really, my buddy Niall does too" i said "oh really?" pretending that i wasn't like the biggest Directioner in my whole class and didn't know every single thing to know about the band. he laughed and said "here catch!" and through 2 grapes at my mouth "wow you are really good at that!" he said suprised. "ok your turn" i said and through his some too. he didn't catch any! we cracked up and said "OMG you're so bad!! aha!""through me another" he said through laughter. i through him a grape at his mouth and he caught it! "ahaha nice!" i said throwing my arms in the air, "you did it!" he was laughing and doing and funny victory dance that made me laugh even harder. i grabbed one the sandwich that said "ella" on the paper towel in purple sharpie. i ripped the piece of tape and there was a note. i unfolded it and read it to my self. "Ella, i dont know if you feel the same for me, but i really like. do you think we could be more than friends?! xxoo -Zayn" i looked up and noticed that he was closer than he had been before. he lightly grabbed my face and brought it tord him. he quickly looked into my blue eyes before he kissed me. after about five seconds he pulled away. "im sorry, i know that Will just cheated on you. oh great i moved too quickly. im so sorry maybe i should just go" and i interupted him by kissing back. we kissed for a good minute. i pulled away first and said "yes"

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