Love At Last

When Ella's boyfriend Will cheats on her, she thinks her love life is ruined. But when her and her friends meet the one and only One Direction, can Ella finally find her love?! Will it last?! Will the One Direction team fall for Ella's small town girl friends?! Find out!!:)


4. Ch. 4 the encounter

So I'm sitting on the park bench texting my friend Pilar on my phone. As it told you, I go to park when I need some alone time. And sense it was right after school, there were lots of dogs and children. It was a hot day and I had just left Stella from the local ice cream store. Suddenly I feel a dog licking my bare leg because I was wearing shorts. I look up to see the one and only beautiful Zayn  Malik  looking down at me! "I'm so sorry, he is kinda hyper today" he says kneeling down to control the golden lab. "Wait your Zayn Malik! I'm a huge fan, but I never new you had a dog?! " I said standing up to greet him. "Oh ya I'm in town for a couple weeks and I'm taking care of my neighbor's dog. His name is Ellie." "Really?! My name is Ellie, well my real name is Ella but everybody calls me Ellie." I said completely surprised. "That's a beautiful name" he said staring at me with his dreamy eyes. "Haha thanks" I said tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. "We'll listen I got to go but maybe I'll see you here tomarrow?" He asked. "Yeah ill be hear"

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