Love At Last

When Ella's boyfriend Will cheats on her, she thinks her love life is ruined. But when her and her friends meet the one and only One Direction, can Ella finally find her love?! Will it last?! Will the One Direction team fall for Ella's small town girl friends?! Find out!!:)


3. ch. 3 Ella's POV

I always go to the neighborhood park and listen to the dogs bark and wind whisper as the sun goes down. but today was different. I went to have alone time. i was officially depressed. i wanted Will back no matter if he made a mistake. but i knew he wasnt thinking about me. he probably doesnt even care and plans to go run off with Savanah. i wanted him back. i wanted his soft dark blonde hair, his green eyes, his light freckles that faded in the winter. i wanted his warn-out jackets that he would let me wear when it was cold out. i wanted all those times we shot on goal and i would score on him for the 10th time, and he would run up and through me in the air and ask "how did you get so good?"  and i would reply with a giggle. i wanted all those times when he would tell to meet him at the beach and surprise me will a romantic picnic. and i want all those times he would suprise me at my house while i was sick and watch movies with me, and when i would fall asleep on the couch on his shoulder he would caring me up to my room and tuck me in. i couldnt stop thinking about him.

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