Love At Last

When Ella's boyfriend Will cheats on her, she thinks her love life is ruined. But when her and her friends meet the one and only One Direction, can Ella finally find her love?! Will it last?! Will the One Direction team fall for Ella's small town girl friends?! Find out!!:)


14. Ch. 14 Josie's POV

"mom, i'm going to the pool. i will be back by dinner!" i called opening the front door. my mom didn't answer me, so i guessed she didn't here me. but she would figure out where i was, after all, if i have any free time i go straight to the London Community Spa And Pool. you would think that if i spend so much time at the pool, i would be a really good swimmer, but i'm really bad. usually what i do is take a really long time to get in the cold pool, walk around on my tip toes with me arms shoulder level, maybe float a little, then get out like 2 hours later. swimming for some reason always made me feel better. even if I'm not swimming. also i like to stare at the boys swim team *BLUSH*.  i closed the front door and walked to the bus stop. 

i dipped my toe into the surface of the water, and quickly pulled it out. freezing as usual. i jump in and do my tip toe thing with my arms in the air. i notice that there is a new life guard, but i'm too far away to see his face. i finally dove in and floated on my back, thinking about all the homework that i had and all the projects and essays due soon. it was weird, after a few minutes i felt my self sinking, i tried to doggy paddle to my feet but the bottom was really deep, i guessed i had floated over to the deep end. i was struggling to get up, but i just sank feet first. i quickly held my breathe and closed my eyes, as i struggled to go up to surface. you may be thinking, hey, how hard is it to stop floating, but i don't know how to swim!!!!! and i never go to the deep end!!!! i was officially drowning. but suddenly i felt a really muscular body against my white strapless bathing suit. i felt us floating up to the surface and me getting pulled to the side of the pool. i grabbed the side of the pool, and pulled my self he last few inches to the surface. i gasped and started breathing really heavily. the the life guard came up to the surface. "what were you doing? you could have died!!! why didn't go to the hot tub if you can't swim? not in the deep end of a pro olympic pool?" he asked seeming kinda worried and mad. i didn't know why he was mad though because i was about to drown and now he was sassing me. but i didn't get mad back, because he was really cute. he had brown hair and dark eyes, and dow that i looked at him, he was the famous swimmer Tom Daley. "i... i... i'm sorry i should have been more careful. thank you so much for saving me!" i said giving him my best smile. he looked at me and smiled. "it's ok, i just don't want a pretty girl like you to get hurt!!" he said and gave me a little laugh, putting his soft wet hand on mine. i laughed back and said "well, i appreciate you saving me!" he lifted himself up out of the pool, i tried to do the same, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me up out of the water. when my foot touches the ground,he kept pulling me lightly until our faces were close enough to kiss. "thanks," i breathlessly said. i started walking over to the locker room when he called "hey wait, i have a break, do you want to grab a soda at the pool cafe', you seem really cool?" he asked as i turned around. i wasn't hungry of thirsty, and i thought it was really weird for a guy to want to hang with me the first 10 minutes we met. "thanks so much. but i think i'm gonna swim a little more. maybe we can hang another day?" i asked and sat at the edge of the shallow end, about to jump in. "i'll raise you!" he said and dived in. OMG he swam so fast. i was leaning my back against the side of the pool, watching him, laughing at the fact that he forgot i couldn't swim. when he reached the other end and looked back. then he hit his forehead with the palm of the hand playfully and swam back. after he did this i laughed even harder. "wow", i thought. "you just saved me from dying and you have already forgoten?" he came up from the surface seconds later and ever so slightly grabbed my waist. "i forgot!" he said "it's ok!" i said and i could tell he kinda felt bad. it was a long silence until he looked back at me and said "do my to teach you how to swim?!" he said it like a lightbulb just sprung from the top of his head. "um i don't want to keep you from your job, your prob..." i started to say be in interupted me "no i'm on lunch break for 2 hours!" he seemed really excited. "ok!" i said. this whole scene felt like a movie. like i was the valley girl flirting with the cute guy who offered to by give her a ride home. he smiled, "how do we start?" then hesitated and said "get on my shoulders!" he ducked under water and i put my legs up on his shoulders. the truth was it was really akward. he came up and held my calves so i didn't fall. i laughed and he started instructing. "move your arms like this!" he moved his hands in the free style stroke. i copied him. "great! now we do it in water!" he put me down an i stood up. "ha no way!!" i laughed. "come on I'll help you!" he grabbed my stomach and i laid on the surface of the pool water, him hold my horizontally. i did the stroke, and he let go of my stomach with one hand and started moving my legs so they were kicking. then i started to move really slowly so he had to walk with me. "you're doing great!!" he said as he kept me going. i felt like a little kid getting a swimming lesson, but i didn't care, it was fun. "whats your name?" he asked me, as we kept moving across the pool, deeper and deeper. "Josie! and you?" "Tom!" he said. i suddenly felt him let go of me, but i sure the had just lightened his grip so i kept swimming. when i reached the end of the deep end i grabbed the side of the pool and looked back. but he was at the half way point of the pool. he had his arms in the air and i smiled. Tom swam over and hugged me, hugged me hard. "you did it!" he whispered in my ear as he held me close. " i know!!" i yelled quietly pulling away. he laughed and spun me around holding me by the waist. i laughed really hard, and he giggled "i'm so proud of you" he said and we got out of the pool. he helped me out of the pool with his hand again, and i walked to my bag near the locker room. i slipped on my swim shorts and my t shirt. the Tom came over and we walked out of that pool, talking, laughing, and holding hands. 

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