Love At Last

When Ella's boyfriend Will cheats on her, she thinks her love life is ruined. But when her and her friends meet the one and only One Direction, can Ella finally find her love?! Will it last?! Will the One Direction team fall for Ella's small town girl friends?! Find out!!:)


13. CH. 13 Hannah's POV

"come one Stell, it's spring break! we don't have to worry about the SATs for college until fall! and besides, there is no school, we can do what ever we want!" i said to my friend Stella as we leave the black hole we call high school for our spring break. "i really want to hang with you at Joe's Ice Cream Parlor, but the fall isn't that far away Hannah. and i have to study and work really hard, grades mean a lot to me, haha you know that. my tutoring is in an hour, i got to go! i have a really good time in Figi love!" she said giving me a big hug. im usually a really responsible person, and always ahead of my game, but i wanted to have fun this trip. i would be gone for almost 2 weeks, and i really wanted to see Stella before i left because i would miss her, but se la vi ("what ever, life goes on" in french). "thats fine!" i said "i love you! im gonna miss you so much!." she laughed and puled away saying "I'll miss you too!" and ran off to catch the school bus to her house. And i headed to the ice cream store to get the same flavor i always get.

"pack up your stuff tonight darling, our plane leaves early tomorrow!" my mom called from the kitchen. i unplugged my ear buds from my ears and yelled "what?!" and she repeated her self. i paused the song on my ipod and got off my bed. u slid my suitcase out from under my bed and unzipped it. i packed 4 pairs of shorts, 3 skirts, a lot of flowy tank tops, underwear, bra, toothbrush, one of those mini travel tooth paste, and a hair brush. i was ready. i zipped my suitcase and rolled it to the top of the stair case so my dad could back it in the car when he got home, my mom's was there too. 

our plane just took off and of course i have to go to the bathroom. i get up as soon as the seatbelt sign is off. glance over, and i swear, Liam Payne is in first class!!!!! i'm not completely sure because he isn't facing me, and i don't stare when he turns back because it might not be him and it would me embarrassing if it wasn't and i was starring. i quickly go pee and just when i dry my hands with a paper towel, a speaker says, "we are experiencing severe turbulence, please sit in your seat right away." i run out of the bathroom and quickly walk back to my seat. i planned on getting his autograph when we land, but we were in the back of the plane and he was in the front, so he might escape before i can fan-girl him. right then, i just sat back, put in my ear buds and slept. It was 7 in the morning, GOSH!

i got to the hotel without the autograph. I was really bummed, but hey, i still get to say i saw Liam Payne. and i'm here to have fun. but he flew into the same airport as me, so hopefully we will see each other on the street!! ah who am i kidding, i will hunt Liam down and get that autograph!! (haha jk!). we check in and got situated in our room. "mum, i'm gonna go to the beach. should we meet back here around 5 for dinner in the town or something?" i said tying my bikini top on. "your father and i are going to a museum. meet back here in the lobby at exactly 5, no later. and go to the beach right around the corner from the hotel, or Hannah?!" my mom said looking at my dad for the last part. i hated when they treat me like a little kid. I'm almost 17, i will be going to college in a year. "what ever mum, see ya." i put on my sky blue sun glasses and grabbed my beach bag and guitar. i bring my guitar almost everywhere, in case i think of a song i want to play. 

the beach was hot. the sand was hot, the water was even hot. i had to put on a layer of sun screen every half an hour, but i was trying to get a tan so i only put a little on at a time. while i was un bathing, suddenly some stupid kids ran right in front of me, kicking a bunch of sand in my face and a lot on my towel. i stood up and faught the temtation to give them the finger. instead i brushed the sand off my face and flapped my towel in the wind. suddenly behind the towel i heard a british boy say "ow!" i quickly put down the towel, only to see Liam Payne rubbing his eye and looking at me. i was frozen! i had just blew a sand storm into the one and only Liam Payne's eye!! "omg are you ok?" i said quickly walking over. "yeah i think I'm good..." he said rubbing his eye. "here, open your eye lem'me see" i said looking at his closed eye. he slowly opened it, and it was only kinda red. there wasn't any sand in there, but i could tell it hurt. there was a long min where he was looking up at me and i was looking straight in his eye. "you have really pretty eyes!" i said. it was kind like love at first sight, but maybe i'm just saying that because a member a the biggest boy band in the world was standing right in front of me . i smiled and let go of his eye lids. "and you have a very beautiful smile" he said smiling back. i giggled and kept smiling. "look i'm really sorry i hit you with my sandy beach towel! is there anything more i could do?" i asked just when an ice cream cart walked by ringing that annoying bell. "can i buy you and ice cream?" i asked looking at all the flavors on the side o the cart. "no really, i'm good. but i can't pass up an ice cream, especially not with a pretty girl like you!" he said starting to walk over to the cart. i looked down at the ground and laughed, then walked over with him. "i will have a fudgecicle!" Liam said then looking over at me. "and i will have an It's It!" i said and when the guy handed us our ice cream, i held out $5. but a second before the man took it, Liam lightly swatted my hand away and gave the guy his own money. after we opened our ice cream i said "hey, you didn't have to do that. after all, i owe you one!" i said with a small chuckle. "i wouldn't want a pretty girl like you waisting her money one a guy like me when you could be spending it one a pretty dress!" he said as we walked over to my beach towel and bag. "more like make-up!" i said sitting down. just before he sat down on the sand he stopped. "why do you wear make-up, you are perfect the way you are. you don't need to cover up!" then sat down. "thanks!" i said. "i see you play the guitar! can you play something for me?" he asked. i pulled the instrument out of the case and crossed it over my lap. "i've tried playing it cool, boy when i'm looking at you! can never be brave cause you make my heart rase!" i sand the he sang a long and i laughed. "shot me out of the sky, your my kryptonite. you keep making me weak yeah frozen and can't breathe!" we sang along with my guitar. we laughed. i moved the guitar and lied down, he did the same. "so where you from?" he asked turing he body up on his elbow looking at me. "london, but it's my school's spring break and my mom, dad, and i are coming here for a family vacation. What about you?" i asked. "the band is on break from all the tours. all my mates are going back home, but my mum and dad aren't gonna be home anyway, so why not have a fun vacation?" Liam replied. we talked for a little more, until he turned to me and said "hey do you want to go for swim? i'm burning on this sand!" i didn't really want to go swimming, so i said "nah i'll just stay here and play on my guitar for a little longer." i said sitting up. "come on, it's like 100 degrees out, and nobody is in the water!!!" he said standing up. "nah..." i said. suddenly he picked me up bridal style and swung me around. he ran and threw me in the air then caught me. "stop, let me down!" i laughed and yelled t the same time. when he got about knee deep in the water, i was soaking wet from him trying to run in water. i was laughing so hard when he let me down, and he was too. i splashed him and yelled "i hate you!!" in a playful way, laughing really hard. believe me, i do not hate Liam Payne!! then he splashed me and we were having a playful splashing fight, laughing until our stomachs hurt. we we so tired after about 10 minutes of splashing, and i held my hand out for a trues. "trues?" i asked. he grabbed my hand and was about to shake it when suddenly he pulled my hand, swung me around so my back was facing his chest. i started laughing really hard again and was looking down at his hands about my wet belly button. he whispered over my shoulder, "are you ticklish?" then started tickling my stomach. this made me laugh so hard i almost chocked. at one point he tickled a little too high for a second, but pretended not to notice. "stop, stop!!" i giggled. i turned around, making a strand of wet hair hit his cheek lightly. i started to tickle him on the stomach now. he abs, oh dear, i needed my enhailer for that one. now he was laughing so hard, he could hardly keep himself standing. he grabbed my waist a lifted me so high, i had to look down at him. his face was kinda dark, i guessed that my head was blocking the sun, and he was breathing heavily. we just looked at each other at that moment, him looking up at me, smiling, me looking down at him, smiling, my legs dangling, him holding me up high, effortless. after what felt like a life time, he slowly lowered me, until my face was level to his. he brought me close, and i lightly wrapped my legs around him, so he wouldn't have to hold all my weight up. he held my waist a little tighter, then, i know this sounds weird, but he held me under my butt. he looked into my eyes, then at my lips, gently biting his. then he looked back into my eyes, let go of me with one hand and grabbed my face telickely. he slowing leaned in and kissed me. i knew at that moment, that 1: i was gonna be late for my mum, 2: that she was probably going to kill me, 3: that my first kiss was with the one and only Liam Payne, and 4: that he was gonna ask for my number, because that kiss was something you couldn't forget no matter how much you tried, it was magical. 

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