Love At Last

When Ella's boyfriend Will cheats on her, she thinks her love life is ruined. But when her and her friends meet the one and only One Direction, can Ella finally find her love?! Will it last?! Will the One Direction team fall for Ella's small town girl friends?! Find out!!:)


12. Ch. 12 Pilar's POV

"come on Pilar, you can run faster than that!" my coach yelled as i ran through the drill at soccer practice. my legs hurt and i was tired, we had practice for almost three hours because next week was the state play-offs. five min later he yelled "ok huddle up!!" we ran over and squatted on one knee. i was crunched in between Katie and Lolli. we had a team pep talk and we were free to go. i decided i would work on my shooting a little after practice, after all, my mom would be home late and i was taking the bus home, so i could stay for a little while. i grabbed my ball out of my soccer bag and rolled it on the ground, then kicked it a little to get closer to the goal. i backed up one or 2 steps and ran up and took a shot. i missed. i went and got the ball and tried again. just a little too high. i sighed and tried again. i hit the left side post and i started to feel frustrated with myself. i looked around and took a deep breathe. "you got this Pilar, you got this!" i said to myself closing my eyes then opening them. i tried again and it hit the top post and went flying across the field. i turned around and saw my blue and gray ball hit a guy in the back. he had brown hair and a white jersey that said 'Tomlinson' in black letters at the top and he was number 17. he had black shorts and black socks and pink and blue cleats. "it couldn't be" i thought running over to get my ball and say sorry. he turned around when i got closer but still couldn't see his face. he kicked the ball over and i ran up and got it, and so did he. and to my surprise, it was the ONE AND ONLY LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!!! "i'm so sorry, i was practicing shooting and it hit the post and went flying and hit you. are you ok?" i asked breathless. i can't believe my celeb crush was right in front of me. AHHHH! "hey it's ok. you no i have a trick for not hitting the post. i was just packing up to leave practice, do you want me to show you quickly?" he asked as i stopped the ball with my foot. "really that would be great! i have been missing the past couple shots i have tooken." i said, i didn't want to sound bad at soccer but it was true. he smiled and we ran over to the goal where i was shooting before. "ok so u have to get under the ball like you would normally shoot, but not too low on the ball because that is what is making the ball go so high" he said. "duh!!" i thought, but then i thought that maybe i didn't know that because if i did why wasn't i doing it? i nodded. "like this!" he said putting his foot where it should hit the ball without moving it. then he kicked it and it was a perfect shot in the top left corner. "nice!"i said impressed then he went and got the ball. "now you try" he said passing me the ball. i tried it and it worked. "awesome!!" he said "you learn really quickly, can i see the ball, I'll show you something els. but whats your name?" he asked. "Pilar! you're Louis Tomlinson right?" i asked passing him back the ball. "aha yeah, are you a fan?"he asked. i smiled. all my friends say that i like One Direction too much and was creepily obsessed with them. but i choose to call it dedicated. and besides, there is nothing wrong with being a big fan of a band that you like right? "yeah i really like your guy's work!" now he smiled and said "thanks. now this is a trick that i use for juggling. you just lift it off the ground then squeeze your right ear really tight, it helps you keep your balance!" he said and then passed me the ball again. i flicked it up and clutched my ear. i did almost 200 juggles! "wow that really works!" i said and subconsciously started dribbling abound and fancy tricks in place. he came up and slowly and lazily tried to get the ball from me. i laughed "heyy!!" i giggled and kept the ball away from him. he laughed to and worked harder to get it. i kept it away and he lifted me up and swang me over his shoulder like a potato sack. i laughed to so hard and playfully punched his back. "let me dow!" i yelled through giggles. we had only met about an hour ago and we were acting like we had know each other for ages. he started dribbling the ball and was running really fast. he shot at the goal and put me down on my butt on the ground. i laughed for one more second and then he sat down next to me and said "i love your laugh!!" and then lied down on his back. "ha thanks." i had never liked my laugh sense i was a little girl, i always thought it sounded retarded. "i didn't know you played soccer. do you play alot?" i asked lying down next to him. "yeah, i love soccer, but i never have time to play with all the tours. so when ever i come in town to visit my family, i come out here and play. what about you?" he asked looking up at the clouds. "i used to play traveling in middle school, but when i went to high school i was over loaded with homework and decided i didn't have time. so now i just do upper house on a little friends team. i'm not that good" i said looking up at the sky with him. "i was looking at you practicing with your team, you're really good!! you should open up your eyes an realize how truly special you are." he said looking at me. i didn't turn to him, i didn't believe him. the truth is i'm kinda insecure. i laughed still looking at the sky and he looked back up at the sky too. we talked and talked and talked until the sun was starting to set. there was a long pause and i said "i better get home" and sat up. "yeah me too" he said and sat up to look at me. i stood up and my feet were so sore i could hardly walk, i was limping. "are you ok?" he asked getting up. "yeah my feet and legs are just really sore" i said sitting back down to take off my cleats, socks and shin guards to put on my flip flops. stood back up and grabbed my school bag, soccer bag, phone and water bottle and started limping to Louis. suddenly he grabbed one of my bags and said "hop on!" bending down so he could give me a piggy back ride. i smiled and jumped on laughing. he clutched my feet and i had my arms around his neck. he carried me all the way to the exit of the field and put me down. "you'll be ok getting home?" he asked seeming really conserned. "yeah I'll be fine" i replied. "hey pilar, i really want to see you again, can i get your number?" he asked shuffling through his pockets to find his phone. "yeah!" i said giving him my phone and he gave me his. i handed his back and he handed mine back. "thanks for helping me on my shooting!" i said looking into his eyes. "yeah anytime. i had a lot of fun! Bye!!" he said. "bye!" i said and we looked into each other's eyes for a couple more seconds. then, he gave me a short but powerful kiss that only lasted for 3 or 4 seconds but felt like a dream. he pulled away right as the sun finished setting and we looked at each other and went our seperate ways without saying another word. BEST SOCCER PRACTICE EVER!!!!!!

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