Love At Last

When Ella's boyfriend Will cheats on her, she thinks her love life is ruined. But when her and her friends meet the one and only One Direction, can Ella finally find her love?! Will it last?! Will the One Direction team fall for Ella's small town girl friends?! Find out!!:)


11. Ch. 11 Daniella's POV

"Hmm, what should i get?" i asked my self skipping through the menu. "carne asada is always good here, but i kinda feel like a chicken burritio. or should i just go with nachos?" i said. its not that i'm indecisive per say, i just take food very seriously!! my friends make fun of me because i eat food off the ground if it drops no matter where i am, and always eat all the food on my plate. but hey, my modo is, "if you know you are not hungry enough to eat the whole thing, don't start it in the first place and wait until you are because no food is worth waisting!" i know it's kinda weird, don't judge me!! i decided i would get a chicken burrito with no avacodo, because i absolutly hated avacodo!! and pears but thats beside the point. i made a little wave over to the waitress telling her that i was ready. i hated to wait, and plus i was hungry. i remebered that i had no plansthis afternoon because Pilar couldn't come to our monthly lazy day because of soccer. It was a thing Ella, Stella, Hannah, Josie, Pilar and I invented. but then Hannah took up sailing which interfered with our right after soccer plan. And then Josie quit the team because she decided her love for soccer was fading and didn't want to take that sport that seriously, plus she had too much home work. And Ella moved to a traveling team, so she practicly out of town every other weekend. And so it became the Pilar, Daniella, and Stella lazy day. Stella just couldn't make that day because her cousin was in town. it was kinda nice because we had gone off to high school and hannah and Josie went to the same one, Stella and Ella went to the same one and have been best friends sense second grade, and pilar and i went to the same school. we had all stayed close friends and texted and hung out on some weekends, but not as close as we were in middle school. 

anyway back to the sorry. "may i please have a grande chicken burrito with everything except avacodo?" i said handing her menu. "sure honey pie, coming right up!" the waitress said taking the menu from me. i smiled and took a sip of my water. i really don't know why but i love straws!! every restraunt i go to i make sure my drink has a straw!! it's just so much more fun to drink through a straw you know? i took out my phone and texted Josie. "hey want to meet at the pool at around 2?" she quickly texted back "i would love to but Dani, you have known me for nearly forever and still can't remember i can't swim!!" "oh ya i said. no prob. maybe we can do something els another time, k?" "tots!! love you sugar plum!! xxoo" "love you too! :)" i replied and put my phone back in my pocket of my short shorts. i looked up and saw that a boy with a red hoodie covering his hair and rai bands sunglasses covering his eyes starring at me!! no joke he was burning holes in my eyes. i looked away pretending not to notice but it was starting to get creeped out. i looked back at him in a min or two and he was still starring at me but now he was smiling!! i knew that smile, but from where?! i sat uncomfortably in my chair and was really freaked out. i was about to leave when the mysterious boy came over to my table. "pardon my starring lad, but you're so pretty!" she says taking off his hood. IT WAS THE ONE AND ONLY NIALL HORAN!!!!!!!! "And now i realize that is very mad for me to say because i don't even know you, not that i want to know you, well i want to meet you but i just that you were getting a pretty big meal for a pretty girl like you!" he seamed nervous and i was too. i never excpect my celeb crush to be like this. i shifted in my cousined bench un-easily. #1 rule with girls:never tell her she is fat or ate too much. "I'm sorry, i don't really know how to talk to girls" he said trying to apologize for what he said. "it's fine. you're Niall Horan right? well of course you are, you look like him. which is a really good thing!!! i really like the way you look. I mean i like your singing voice and your sense of style!! when you sing in Little things, it makes me cry everytime. i mean not because it's bad, just because its so sweet i wish you were singing to me!" i said out of breathe by the end of my sentence. he looked at me kinda funny and i said "I'm sorry, i don't really know how to talk to guys!" and he laughed. he sat down in the bench across from he and put his elbows on the table top that made him seem like he was really interested in me. the boys at my High school had always chased after me and wanted me to date them. every Valentines day i would have like 5 notes in my locker. i never knew why? i had never thought i was very attractive, and i was always scared that people thought i was freakishly tall. but i guess all the soccer boys think I'm the prettiest girl on the planet, and they were still taller than me. people would always ask me out, and rarrily would i say yes. and every guy i have ever gone out with, it had only been a one date thing, it never turned into a real relationship. but hey, that's their loss. "i would have thought you would have been great talking to guys on account how pretty you are!" he said with a conserned smile. i didnt want to brag but i was not popular at all, yet all the boys wanted me. Ella says that i have those magic green eyes that charm the boys the sencond they see me, and the long dirty blonde hair that is so soft they love to look at and play with. "Well i have gone out a couple times, but dating just really isn't my thing. i guess i have just be waiting for the right guy. does that sound weird?" i asked taking a sip of my water. "no not at all!! so what do you like to do, do you live around here in london?" he seemed realluy interested in me for some reason. "Well i play soccer on an upper house team, i'm in a band playing the electric bass, and i love listening to music and eating!!! yeah i live just around the corner from this restraunt" "o really i play the guitar which is kinda close to the bass right?" i looked at him kinda funny. "no?! haha ok well i think thats really cool. i grew up in ireland but i'm just visiting here because my band lads are from here and i thought it would be fun to visit the city where they grew up just to see how it's different than my childhood." "that's so cool are you planning on doing anything special or do you know that you can't miss something?" i asked. "well i know i'm going to drive to the Big Ben tomorrow but other than that i don't really know." "well are you doing anything this afternoon?" i asked. maybe i could give him a tour and tell him some places he might want to go. "um no i don't, i was planning on going to the hotel and having a lazy day by my self." he said kinda embarrased. "Really i was gonna have a lazy day alone too! well i know we don't really know each other, but you seem like a really cool guy. woud you want to come over and have a lazy day together?" i asked. i was scared that was gonna think i wanted to do weird things with him, or think i was just plain weird. "yeah deffinetly, i would like that love." when we got our food, we talked and talked and talked. 

"you ready?" he asked even though we were going to my house. "yeah, let's go!" i said getting up. 

"this is a really nice house! i used to have a little apartment just like this back at Ireland!" Niall said as i showed him the last room of our tour. "haha do want to pick a movie and I'll go make some popcorn and vanilla tea" i asked hoping he liked vanilla tea. "yeah sure, where is your stack of movies?" he asked. i pointed the stack under the TV. when i came back with an arm full of popcorn, and two mugs of tea, he was putting in The Lucky One DVD. "ooh i love that movie!!" i said putting down the food and sitting on the couch. he sat down next to me without saying anything. i clicked play and a few min later, Niall put his arm around my shoulders. i looked at him and he smiled, i smiles back. we watched the movie all the way through sometimes talking but most of the time me resting my head on his shoulder and he scooching even closer to me everytime we looked at each other. at the last seen where Zach Efron kissed the girl, we looked at each other, and Niall Horan leaned in and kissed me!!!! we both pulled away at the same time and i gave him my phone nd he gave me his without asking each other for each other's numbers. i got my phone back and looked at his profile. his name was "Niall loves you :)" i smiled and we kissed all the way through the end of the movie. it was the best lazy day EVER!!!!!








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