Love At Last

When Ella's boyfriend Will cheats on her, she thinks her love life is ruined. But when her and her friends meet the one and only One Direction, can Ella finally find her love?! Will it last?! Will the One Direction team fall for Ella's small town girl friends?! Find out!!:)


10. Ch. 10 Stella's POV

"thats what makes you beautiful!" Daniella and i scream as One Direction sings their last line of the Worceshire carnival concert. "that was great!! im gonna go grab a corn dog, im starving as always. I'll meet you in line for the farress wheel" Daniella said starting to walk away. "k!" i called and turned around and walked away. i got in line for the ride, and a very creepy guy walked up behind me. "hello" he said, noticing that i was starring at him. "hey" i said and quickly turned back around. he was wearing khaki skinny jeans, white converse, and a jet black hoodie covering his face. he had an accent that i reconized but i couldn't remember from where. it was a long akward silence until we were close to the front of the line. i texted Daniella "hey girl, get over here!" and she quickly responed "be there in a sec :)" i put my phone back in my pocket and sighed. finally i was next and i looked around the crowd for Daniella, but i didn't see her. "where are you?" i texted, and she said "just a sec geez!!!" "He can go in front of me, im still waiting for a friend" i said to the lady who put people on the bent booths, pointing to the creepy guy behind me. "sorry hun, get on now or go to the back of the line!" she said and pushed the creepy guy and I onto a booth. i struggled a little but let go and sighed when i sat down. "well done Daniella, too late, already on. see you at the bottom" i texted frustrated. "im sorry. i promise we can go on the next ride together!!!!! :)" "k :)" i said and leaned back to listen to the annoying little song they plaid and watched the sun start to go down. when we were at the top, i suddenly heard a soft voice in speaker saying "sorry, but we are experiencing tecnical difficulties. remain calm, and we will be up and running again in about 45 mins. we are sorry for the incomvinience!" i slapped my thighs and leaned my head back "great, im stuck hungry, tired, and cold with this creepy guy at the top of a farress wheel. and did i mention that i am terrified of hights" i thought. my teeth started to shiver and and i rubbed my hands on my arms. "are you cold?" the creepy guy said taking off is jacket. i look up only to find Harry Styles looking right at me!!!! "thats very sweet of you, thanks!" i said. "well i wouldn't want a pretty girl like you to be could" she said draping his hoodie over my shoulders. i giggled. "you're Harry Styles right? im Stella" i asked even though i knew perfectly fine that he was!! my friends and i are huge Directioners, and my favorite is Harry. "uh ya, are you a fan of our music?" she said turning tords me. "um yeah my favorite song is 'over again'" i said looking into his beautiful eyes. "i was wearing this big hoodie to cover my face so i wouldn't be completely fan-girled by fans. i like to sometimes just live a normal life without signing autographs everywhere i go and people trying to kiss me. but you seem pretty cool" he said looking back into my brown eyes. i lifted my brown hair from under the jacket and tried to make it look better than it did. i had kinda a crazy day and it was starting to get kinda frizzy. "no stop you look beautiful just the way you are. so do you live around here?" he asked putting his fingers through my long brown hair. "no i live about an hour from here, but i would stick pins  in my eyes than miss one of your concerts." i said and immediatly saw that it was kinda weird to say "but not that i would ever stick pins in my eyes i just like you guys i much i wouldn't want to miss it" i decided that i had fixed it well enough. "cool" he said looking at me like he didnt hear the first part, and i appreciated that. "so what do you like to do?" i asked. i had read in a magazine that Harry liked it when the girls asked some questions too, it made him feel like the girl was actually interested in him. "well i love to sing with my mates. my worst habit is getting naked and in my boxers!" he said with a little giggle. "well i walk about my house in only my bra and underwear!" i said and the second after i said it i wanted to take it back "ur um..." and he interupted me with a big laugh. i really didn't find what was so funny, but i was glad he didn't think i was weird. "so what do you like to do?" he said after he laughed for a min. "well i play soccer and im in a band too. and im one of those girls who go above and beyond on every home work assignment and project" i said with a smile "you look the kinda guy to do that too." "oh my bud Louise plays soccer. yeah sometimes i miss school, but i was the best in my class and got all straight A's!! ooh and you're in a band, that so great!! what do you play?" he asked very excited "actually i sing" i said. "oh hey even better" he said a little loud "can you sing me some of 'over again' for me? please pretty please!" he said putting his hands on my thighs pleading. i made a little shy face shacking my head. i hated performing ever sense i was a little girl. "oh c'mon please? im sure you be fantastic" he said taking his hands off me. "said i'd never leave her but her hands fit like me Tshirt. tongue tied over three words, cursed. runny over thoughts that makes my feet hurt, bodies intwined with her lips!" i sang in my best singing voice. i thought i had a pretty good voice but i wanted to impress Harry Styles. "that was absolutley amazing! stella, can ask you something?" he asked seeming concerned. "yeah of course anything"i said. "has a boy ever kissed you?" he asked. "um yeah. but it was a really bad kiss with a boy who never really cared for me until i was over him, after totally braking my heart. so i choose to say that i haven't kissed anybody yet." "you diserve better than that. you disserve somebody to hold you in his arms and tell you everything is gonna be okay when times get tough. you disserve a guy that will bring you chocolates and a giant stuffed bear and flowers in your locker and to make you a homemade card." he said smiling. i could feel my self blushing. "thats why i choose to forget him. i just want to start over, because i think i disserve better too. so yeah i have never gotten kissed." he smiled wider. "i admire how confident you are. never let anybody take that away from you. can i be the first to kiss you?" he asked in a quiet raspy tone. "yes!" i said and suddenly the one and only Harry Styles was kissing me!!! a second later beautiful pink, blue, green, gold, and red fireworks explosed in the dark moon light. we just kept on kissing. at seconds he would let go and just touch me ever so slightly on my lips only making me want more. i was on cloud nine, flying, floating on air!! i heard through the quiet speaker, "okay we are up and running again!" and i could feel my self slowly moving down. he pulled away a min later and asked for my number. i handed him my phone and he handed me his. when we got off, i said "i hope we can meet again! maybe in a couple weeks?" i said. "not soon enough!!" he said. he kissed me only my cheek and ran off "I'll text you!" i waved a little wave and walked away. i saw Daniella's mouth wide open. "i know" i said and kept walking to the car!!


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