Right Here

"Baby, I'm here, I'm here to stay
I ain't going nowhere
I know you're scared cause you've been hurt
Baby, it's alright
Lost in your eyes every time that you look in mine
I promise to be all that you need
I won't leave you, baby
No, cause I just wanna love you
I would never ever put nobody up above you
I just wanna kiss you baby, I just wanna hug you till the end, baby till the end"


2. Screams.

Justin's Point Of View~

Thank you everyone for coming! Really, I love you all! I wouldn't be here without you guys! I mean, I am doing what most people would dream of. I am so lucky and thankful I get to live my dream!"  I smiled and then blew a kiss to each side of the audience.       "Believe In yourself, your dreams and most importantly-" "NEVER SAY NEVER!"  I shot my hand up pointing to the ceiling. The Beliebers started screaming even louder. I love them so much. I waved until I was no longer in sight. Scooter came up to me. 

Scooter: Good Job, Justin!

He patted me on the back.

Justin: Oh Thanks!

I gave him a smile. He handed me a water bottle. 

Scooter: Alright. Drink this, and stay hydrated. Your outfit for the meet and greet is in your dressing room.

I nodded, as I opened the water bottle taking a sip as I headed to my room. I couldn't take my mind off of my one less lonely girl tonight. She was so beautiful. I mean, every girl is. But her...Wow. I hope she goes to the meet and greet. I would love to see her again. I opened the dressing room door, and shut it behind me. I could hear all of my fans screaming for me out my window.I walked over to it and opened it. They screamed louder. "JUSTIN! JUSTIN OVER HERE! WE LOVE YOU!" I smiled. I tried to shout over the loud crowd. " Did you guys get to see the show?" They all shook their heads. "Well, do you guys want it now?" I asked. "YES!" They all shouted. I pulled out my guitar and started singing to them. Some of them were screaming, others were fainting.. Oops.. I ended with "Take you" Which is one of my favorites. " Thank you everyone! I Love you all!" I kissed the air and they screamed.I turned around. "You guys are all welcome for the Meet & Greet! I'll See you guys there!" They all screamed at the top of their lungs, and ran inside the building.

I waved to all of them and closed the curtains, after shutting my window. I let out a relieved sigh, and got changed. I headed to the door and stopped to look in the mirror. I ran my hands through my hair, and smiled at the perfect quiff. I walked out the door, and into another one as the security guards stood by the door. "Let them in!" I told them. They nodded and let in the first group. We took some funny pictures, and let me tell you I have the best fans in the world! I wish I could've had more time, but we have to go half way across the world in a day or two. 

I said my last goodbye to the last group of girls. Sadly, I didn't see the "One less lonely girl." Maybe she had to leave or something. Oh well, I hope to run into her again. Scooter came up and told me to go get ready in the back to leave. I nodded, and started heading back. I took a seat on the big leather couch and pulled out my iphone. I tweeted to my fans and beliebers: "Last performance of the day here. Had a great show. California here we come!:)" Instantly, it became the number 1 tweet. I really do have the best fans!

I closed my eyes, and jumped at the sudden sound of a high pitched scream. I shot up and looked out the window behind me. I saw a bunch of figures in the blackness that evaded the outside. I ran out the door and saw a girl against the wall. A hand over her mouth, muffling any chance she had of help.. My eyes widened and I ran towards her. "Hey! Leave her alone!" The guy in the middle, grabbed her head and slammed it into the brick wall. knocking her out cold. The others turned and one of them ran towards me before I could react. Before I knew it, I was on the ground. The tall one kicked me in the stomach repeatedly,while the other one came over to me with a bat. I threw my hands up to protect my head. Too little, too late. I was knocked out seconds after I saw the girls face. It was Jenna. The one less lonely girl.





Hey guys! What did you think? I know it is short, but I just got back from a D.C trip and have family coming soon! Just leave suggestions, comments, and ideas below! I will be updating my others before they get here, so I'll make sure to come back to this one! Thank you for being patient guys!:)


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