It all changes in London

Ally Alysa Aileen and Zoya ave been friends forever they are all in high school and we are turning 18 except for Ally she's turning 19 they all like the same things e.g movies music food e.c.t but the thing that they have most in common is there HATRED FOR ONE DIRECTION they can't stand them because they think their so cool and amazing but their not. By the time grad comes they are all the right age and there parents are letting them spend the summer in London. It's an amazing summer until they bump in to the people that they're dreading not to see. what will happen will the girls fall for the boys charm or will they continue to hate them. Find out in it all changes in London


2. The unfortunate arrival of one direction

Still ally's p.o.v

Louis Tomlinson , I had a better look at the boys helping up my friends and of course it was all the boys from one direction. I looked down and saw I was still holding Louis hand and quickly took it back I looked back up at him I scowled "um thanks I guess" I said discussed "no problem beautiful" said Louis making me blush "we have to go" Aileen said picking up the bag she drooped "do you want a ride" said Zayn "NO" I said sort of rudely "well there's no need to be rued love" said harry he looked confused at why I was being rude "well sorry I didn't realize who I was talking to, OH MY GOSH girls, look it's the boys from one direction,oh my gosh can I get a picture or an autograph " I said sarcastically they all looked at each other "well I guess you don't like our music then" said Niall sadly "it's not just your music we don't like, we don't like your personality to" I sad sarcastically again they all looked sad "but you don't know us" said Liam trying to defended him self "actually I do, let's see you auditioned on the X factor in 2010, Liam's favorite color is purple, Harry's is orange, Louis is red, Naill's is blue, and Zayns is electric blue" I said with a smirk "you could have just looked that up or something" said Liam making me stop smirking "ok ill go deeper' let's see I know harry has never had a steady relationship and his favorite food is sweetcorn and he has 4 nipples, Zayn has a tattoo on his chest that says godfather in Arabic, Liam has a fear of spoons, harry came up with the band name, Niall screamed when Justin Bieber followed him, and zayn does funny dancing when he's drunk, shall I continue" I said smirking again. Liam couldn't look me in the eyes I turned to look at my friends they were smirking to. I turned back to face Liam. Niall was looking at the ground then he looked at my guitar "do you play" asked Niall "yeah I learned when I was young" I said smiling at my guitar "can you play us a song" asked Louis "sure, do you guys know Acadia by Mariana's trench " they nodded as I started " in the house I grew up in my room in the basement the hours turning in to years we spent, remember Chris in the back yard laughing so dame hard and no one knew why but the rest is forgotten behind me sometimes it reminders me of when we, we use to belong hear ,every memory comes on when I hear that old song that we used to sing with the words all wrong I remember the faces and familiar places and I sing along but Acadia is gooooooon" I sang I ended at the end of the chores I put my guitar back in its case I looked up, there faces looked amazed "your a really amazing singer" said Louis I blushed, his smile was so cute and he seemed so nice and sweet maybe I should give them a chance I thought to my self WAIT no I can't be falling for him he's famous he doesn't like you he could do so much better he will just hurt you

Louis's p.o.v

Wow that's all I could think is wow she is an amazing singer and she was so pretty, her beautiful dirty blond curls fell perfectly on her shoulders. Wait what am I saying she doesn't like you she thinks that you suck and that your music sucks, may be I can change that I just need to know one thing " do you like carrots" I blurted out "yeah there my favorite food why" she said questionable about why I asked that. That's all I need to hear she was perfect, I had to have her

Ally p.o.v

I turned around to my friends and motioned them to come close to me, we were huddled in a circle and we were all whispering "ok I think we should try being nice to them" I whispered "yeah me to by the way I kind of like zayn he's really nice and he's funny and-" said Aileen she was cut off by Alyssa "yeah and I like harry he's really cute and charming and-" said Alyssa blushing before I cut her off "I like Louis, so we all agree" I said "wait where's Zoya" I said worried we turned around to see her talking to the boys I guess she didn't notices me calling her. We huddled again "ok so comments part one of get one direction to like us" I said "ok hands in 1...2...3 brake we whispered. We turned around and I apologized to the boys for being rude before "I'm sorry I think all famous people are idiots and mean I guess I shouldn't judge a book by its cover" I said "that's ok we forgive you, right guys" said Louis they all nodded "oh by the way we never got your names" said Louis "oh right I'm Alexandra most people just call me Ally that's Zoya,Alyssa,and Aileen, oh and we're from Canada" I said happily pointing to each one of my friends as I said their name "hey can I have your phone for a second " I asked Louis batting my eye lashes like I always do to get what I want. Louis gave me his phone I put my number in and gave it back to him "really you put your name as carrot princes" said Louis laughing a little "yeah don't you like it" I said looking sad " I love it" he answered I smiled again. "So do you want a ride to your hotel" zayn asked again "actually we rented a house cause we're staying the whole summer" we all got in to the boys car except me I rode with Louis be cause he had his own car and the others road with the other boys. Louis and I were blasting the radio and were singing along to all the songs, he was a little surprised when I started raping all the words to thrift shop.
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