It all changes in London

Ally Alysa Aileen and Zoya ave been friends forever they are all in high school and we are turning 18 except for Ally she's turning 19 they all like the same things e.g movies music food e.c.t but the thing that they have most in common is there HATRED FOR ONE DIRECTION they can't stand them because they think their so cool and amazing but their not. By the time grad comes they are all the right age and there parents are letting them spend the summer in London. It's an amazing summer until they bump in to the people that they're dreading not to see. what will happen will the girls fall for the boys charm or will they continue to hate them. Find out in it all changes in London


1. Going to London

Ally's p.o.v

It was two days before graduation and I just finished fourth period. I went to my locker and I saw two of my best friends arguing, I walked up to them and asked what's wrong "well I want to see Big Ben when we go to London but all she wants to do is shop" said Zoya pointing to a short Chinese girl with short black hair, she was wearing a blue over the shoulder top with a jean skirt and flip-flops, Zoya was a short indian girl with long black hair she was wearing a pink top black pants and flip-flops "what do you think ally?" asked Aileen "well I think we have the whole summer to do whatever we want in London,I say we relax the first day and then we can go look around and see Big Ben after we bye cute cloths, because what if there's cute guys there ,we would want to look good right?" I said opening my locker to put my books away, they both agreed. The lunch bell rang and we headed to the garden.When we got there we saw our other best friend Alyssa she is Indian like Zoya she also has short dark brown hair,she was wearing her basket ball sweat-shirt. We had our lunch and talked about what we were going to do in London, "I just hope we don't see one direction, I don't see why girls like them there not even that good" said Alyssa as we walked back inside, we all hated one direction, they think that there so cool and that all the girls want them, I hate when people act like that.

*graduation day*

We were in the gym they called us up and we all got our diplomas I was so happy to get out of there but also a little sad, I had all my ups and downs hear the only thing that's keeping me from not crying is the thought that in a couple hours ill be in London with my best friends. After the graduation we all went home and packed our cloths we all met at the airport we said good bye to our family and we got on the plane and left, it was a three hour flight. It was night time when we got there we weren't tiered because we slept on the plane , so we went site seeing London was so cool I wish I could live hear I thought to my self, we went to a small shop and then to a music store I got a new Ed sheren cd and an acoustic guitar, when we were done paying we went for a walk, we were walking and talking about what we're were going to do tomorrow and then we got pushed by a mob of screaming girls "I think I saw them go down there" yelled a girl who look about 14, the mob of girls ran down the street we looked around to see if our things were still with us, they were , so we collected our bags and my guitar case. I looked up to see someone holding out there hand to help me up. I took it and got up, I thanked the boy, I looked around to see four other boys that were helping my friends up I looked up to unfortunately see so,done I was hoping not to see.
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