The Pen Pal Project

Jess is assinged a pen pal project and it is her only way of passing ELA. When she bhas no choice to choose a random adress she feels un-sure.


1. The Anouncement

I'm Jess. I go to LeMonte Falls High School. I love One direction. Now I sit in class listning to my ELA teacher

go on and on and on about some stupid reason why all of the class is failing.yes thats possibul that one whole class could be failing.

"Class beacuse you are all failing I have givin a project. Im calling it The Pen Pal Project. You all need a pen pal.They cant be from LA or any other state. They must be from another part of the world. a very popular contry is Mexico." She said. "Your homework is to find a pen pal. Now you are dissmissed. GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!" She yelled. Great since we cant choose someone from te USA that rules out my cousin Alex. Now I need to go into freaki stalker mode and look up addresses! Ya know cause thats sooooooooo normal! WHat does she want us to type in 'High School Kids Addresses' cause thats not weird to type in the search bar! I dash of the bus and run into my house. I shove past my room mate Minnie. I dive into the coumputer chair befor anyone can stop me. Now there is only one question. What to type in the search bar. OH!!!!!! I GOT A IDEA!!!!!!!!! British address book. I type that in. Only one website comes up.Oh I hope this works. If not im going to fail! I dont want to fail! The website finally finished loading!

"IT WOR-aw man..." I yell. It doesnt show the name of who the address belong to. This seems risky. It looks like I have no choice.  I write down a random address.

"Well hello to you to."

 "Yeah hi minnie now shut up."

"Well arent you nice!"


"Why are you so snappy today?"


"Oh well uh take deep breaths. In and otu. In and-"


"Sorry! You seriously need to chill out!"

"THATS REALLY HARD TO DO RIGH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!OK??????????!?!?!?!!!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?"

"Wow? How do I deal with this?"


"I better go call someone..."


"Who do I-wait I know what t do!" Minnie cheered.

"SSSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" I silence her.Minnie walked out of the room. I heard her sit on the squeaky couch. The TV flashed on.

"One Direction is on the news!!" she called. I sprung out of my chair, dashed down the hall, took a right and threw myself infront of the TV.

"You werent lying!!!!" I squeel. I glue my eyes to the TV.

"One Directions Liam Payne furrious!" The announer Dianna Sparks said. "Well apperentlysomeone posted his address online. The website is like a phone book but it doesnt allow the sercher to see the names."

"Thats weird!" Karra Carter said. "First who on earth would look this up! Second who would come up with this site."

"Karra the real question is how did tey get his address?!?"

"Well aperently they saw him walk out of the house multiple times."

"Hear more tomrrow at 5." We shut the TV off. OMG...

"You just saw that to right..." Minnie trailed off.

























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