The Pen Pal Project

Jess is assinged a pen pal project and it is her only way of passing ELA. When she bhas no choice to choose a random adress she feels un-sure.


2. Letters

"Okay class! copy whats on the board then fold your letter and write out the envelope." The teacher yelled. So that can be to hard. Write whats on the board.

Dear, To whom I may consern

I am in need of a pen pal.I found your address on that website with you address. The one that has

Liam Paynes address. If you dont know what that is look it up. It is all over the web and news. If your

intrested please leave your name,age,school,town and or city,and gender. I would love to have you

pen pal. Please respond as soon as possibul.I am counting on you!





A hopeful...


Omg!!!!!! I need this person to respond!!!!! They are my only hope!!!!!!!!!! Questions started flooding my mind. Will the person be a boy or girl. What is there age. What school do they go to. But then the most important is will they respond. Even more important will they say yes...My teacher snapped me out of my worries. "So Jess."

"Sooooo. Miss.Clide."

"FILL OUT YOUR ENVELOPE!!!!" She snapped. I swear this lady has some issue were she has her period for 12 months. I fold the letter so it fits in the envelope then fill out the adderss. I seal my envelope. "Class when you are done raise your hand." I shot my hand up in the air with no time to spare. "Your homework is to send the letter class. Now GET OUT YOU IMBISULS!!!!!" Miss.Clide screached.





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