Cutting me and hazza

My name is darcey Malone and I'm apparently beautiful but I don't believe it and one day a person started bullying me and calling me fat and a slut but I've never even had sex but I deffinetly am old enough. maybe this year shall be my lucky one ??


1. Introductions with Harry and you

my name is darcey Malone and I'm apparently beautiful as my friend says but I don't believe him by the way he is Harry styles , yes the Harry styles from one direction but he still has time for me I don't know. To start of with the bullying was just one girl calling me fat and ugly , but then it turned intona gang of girlsncalling me a vary on names including slut ,whore and sometimes even prostetute ( I don't know why because I've never even had a sexual connection to anyone and never even a boyfriend so I just don't know why ???) Well anyway after the bullying had been going on for about 1 month I started to believe them and cut myself to relief myself of all stress and it always just lifts the stress off of my shoulders and to float in the air . About 2 weeks after I started cutting myself a boy came into my life you know him from one direction but now I know him as my best friend Harry styles he first came to the school and sat next to me in almost every lesson ( i hope he never saw me stare at him ) harrys p.o.v I always saw her stare at me she was cute cute but I only wanted a friend not a girlfriend not at least for a while anyways I might ask her what her name is and see how it goes from there wish me luck . Darceys p.o.v he came up to me !!!! He actually came up to me and asked for my name I stuttered out to him he replied by saying Harry st... Yes I know you from one direction I butted in. He asked me for my number so we could text and tell each other about themselves ( wow he asked for my number fast god !!!!! ) he said to me in a questiony voice and please don't go all fangirl on me or please dont tell any of your other frie.... I cut him off again by saying I don't have
any friends so don't worry .oh ok he replied.

A/n sorry for really short chapter it's only a start I'm only going to update if I get at least 2 views 1 like and some comments asking for another chapter please if you want another chapter because it's deffinetly going to be longer and I love the next chapter .....
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