Eighteen year old student, Ivy Kolbine, hid her secret from the world. Her dark magic was starting to effect her life for the worst. One night, She was left alone and ,little did her foster parents know, brought the bane of humanity into the world.


2. That School


She rushed into school just before the bell started ringing. God, how she hated that bell! Just as she was about to go to the sixth form common room she heard a distant voice calling her name

“Ivy! Wait! I need to talk to you!” The voice was coming from an other sixth former named Hannah. Ivy ran into the library and picked up a random book, any book would do and ran into the common room just as the bell stopped ringing. All she had to do was answer her name and then she could try and avoid Hannah all day.


It was to Ivy's disgust that she had picked up a book entitled 'How to ward away curses and other magical beings.' Her school was a very... old fashioned school. They believed that boys shouldn't be in the same room as girls. They also forced all the pupils who passed through the school to believe in magic. Hannah had a lot of trouble with the thought of 'Creatures from another dimension' so got many dirty looks from all of the pupils. Ivy, however, had no difficulty in believing.


Up until the age of six, she had been bought up by her extremely spiritual parents. They would teach her that the monsters and the creatures bought up in stories were all created by magic. They taught Ivy and her younger sister Jess the white magic, the magic used for good. When Ivy was six years old though, all of her teaching meant nothing anymore. She would go to her parents and use her growing powers to manipulate them, to control them. They couldn't take it anymore. They took Jess and ran away to America. From Cornwall to America, just to get away from their demon child. Ivy was taken into the care system and found pride in her darkness. Only at the age of fifteen did she get a foster family who could tolerate her permanently.


The day dragged by. Ivy only had one class today, at the end of the school day and yet she still had to be in school all day. She only studied two subjects: Chemistry and phycology. Hannah didn't though and no-one else would dare to talk to 'the Dark girl'. No-one ,that is, except her boyfriend, Kieran. As he slid his hands around her waist, she felt sudden elation and span round and kissed his cheek. They left the school hand in hand and Ivy walked home with a skip in her step.

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