Eighteen year old student, Ivy Kolbine, hid her secret from the world. Her dark magic was starting to effect her life for the worst. One night, She was left alone and ,little did her foster parents know, brought the bane of humanity into the world.


3. Peace is breaking


In Scotland, the Bane rose once again. It drove the inhabitants out of the little hamlet of which it had been created. It vaporised and devoured those who were to young, feeble or obnoxious to evade it. As Ivy got more and more irritated from school, The monster got stronger and stronger. By the time school was over for Ivy, the Bane had discovered that it could use a power which would burn anyone that it looked at. It was enjoying this power. A sudden redemption of power overcame the beast and it became a hopeless baby once again. Neither Ivy or the monster realised that Ivy's emotions were the control panel on the human race. Ivy did not know that she had to keep a stable level of emotion, not only within herself but with Kieran and her unwilling classmates as well, but neither did the creation and as long as it stayed that way everything would be fine. As long as the pair didn't find out, the world could be saved. In a perfect world they wouldn't find out, in a perfect world they would live happily ever after, but this was a world of magic and the unimaginable.

The end of all humanity as they would know it, and she was unknowingly in control. A battle was brewing on the plane of magical existence, two sides were forming and only one would emerge victorious.

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