Eighteen year old student, Ivy Kolbine, hid her secret from the world. Her dark magic was starting to effect her life for the worst. One night, She was left alone and ,little did her foster parents know, brought the bane of humanity into the world.


1. It is Born


She sat alone, waiting for the darkness to close around her. She had bought 3 blood red candles and placed then around the board. With trembling fingers, the rom was lit with the three candles. She was ready. She moved the pointer to the first letter- C. she could feel the power start to seep through her. She moved the pointer to another letter- O. She continued the word with two more letters- M-E. She thought that the board had failed her once again but she didn't realise what she had bought into the world. Somewhere in the misty hills of Scotland, a mother died after giving birth to a powerful son who would, at some point, become the bane to all in existence.

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