Eighteen year old student, Ivy Kolbine, hid her secret from the world. Her dark magic was starting to effect her life for the worst. One night, She was left alone and ,little did her foster parents know, brought the bane of humanity into the world.


4. Home

When Ivy got home, she flicked the T.V on and saw the headline of the hour 'Three hundred people disappeared'. She called Kieran to tell him the phenomenon. After the first ring, Kieran picked up the phone and answered with

“Hey baby! Why have you called?” Ivy had a sudden urge to ask him around to her house but her foster parents weren't home. Instead she settled with telling him

“I just heard on the news that three hundred people have just disappeared and left the place where they lived completely...” Before she could finish her sentence, Her foster mother, Juli, walked in and said, in a slurred voice,

“Where's the bathroom? Im gonna throw up...” Ivy ignored her, she was drunk...again

“Abandoned.”Ivy sighed into the phone. She then added “Can I come over tonight? I wouldn't normally ask but life's a bit hard at the moment.” Kieran didn't wait to ask his parents, he just said, slightly patronisingly, “I know baby. Sure, my parents are up in Scotland this week.”


In Scotland, the maimed carcasses of Kyra and Jamie (Kieran's parents) were being dragged out of the holiday home that they owned in Halkirk. It had been smashed into millions of pieces by the monster.


Ivy packed her bag for a couple of days, just in case, and yelled at Juli

“I'm going to a friend's house for tonight.” and then slammed the door. She ran to a bus stop and jumped on the bus which was just about to leave. She showed him the bus pass and strolled to the back of the bus. Ivy hated a lot of things but the thing on the top of the list right now was busses and their drivers. Her leg vibrated as Kieran texted her : 'Ivy, I need you to stay with me for a couple more days than planned.'





A/N: Hi :) Sorry it has taken so long to upload but I had severe writers block and consequentially (lol posh word) the chapter is really bad. I honestly don't care if you like or favourite but please tell me what you think of the story so far. Please don't put comments like 'UPDATE!' because i feel really pressured.

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