Liam or Harry

What happens when a average girl has to choose between Liam Payne, or Harry Styles of One Direction.


1. how we met

One day I was at home getting ready for work and someone rang my door bell at 6:30am. I walked to the door surprised to see my boyfriend, Harry.

"hey babe." he smiled at me.

"hi." I said weakly. "what are you doing here?" I questioned.

"just wanted to stop by." he rocked on the back of his heels.

"oh..." my mind trailed off on the lingering thought of what he was hiding.

"hey, what's wrong babe." he cupped my face in his hands.

"nothing." I sighed.

"come on." He pulled me out the door and pushed me into his car. "where are we going?!?!?" i
I said.

"you'll see." he smiled cheekily.

"you know I hate surprises." i looked at him seriously.

"but you'll love this one." he clasped his hand in mine. I love Harry but i can't stand these constant surprises.

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