kiking the crush (harry styles fan fic)

When Holly connects to a chat buddy on omegle, Harry styles was the last person she expected be online! When their chats become a little more dirty, Harry finally realises that this girl was a little more than a fan. But when they meet is it really ment to be?


3. talkative ....

I grabbed my phone as soon as the notification popped up on my screen, tossing aside my mac book as i went. My blood boiled in my vain's not with anger but anticipation, my stomach felt like butterflies had escaped. As soon as i opened the app the message from harry popped up ....


Harry = hi xx

You = iya! xx 

Harry = so tell me about yourself? xx 

You= i'm eighteen and i'm a dancer from london! i love one direction, animal, singing and art. My favourite colour is Blue and when i get my manager i want to be a touring back in dancer. 

Harry= cool, we need backing dancers for our tour i could give you my managers number if you want? xx

You= omg really? 

Harry= yeah his number is - 07863987245! give him a call and say that harry referred you xxx

You= omg thank you so much! xxx

Harry = no problem, i've got to go now love xxx

You= byeee xxxx


I sat up straight glancing at myself in the mirror, harry styles has just talked to me on kik! I looked down at my phone, staring at the line of numbers that i'm suppost to call. Was he joking are was he actually been serious? I clicked the highlighted number and began to call, this better be the right number!

bring bring bring bring ......


"hello?" i spoke first as the caller picked up.

" hi this is jezz pick talking, leading dance mentor and producer how can i help you?"

"hi ... ummm harry toldme to ring this number for a backing dancer job?" the words came out more of a question than a point.

"ahhh yeah he's just been on the phone to me! so your   

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