kiking the crush (harry styles fan fic)

When Holly connects to a chat buddy on omegle, Harry styles was the last person she expected be online! When their chats become a little more dirty, Harry finally realises that this girl was a little more than a fan. But when they meet is it really ment to be?


1. styles?

Iya guys I hope you like my opening! Omg yey! And I really hope you like the whole story ;-) likes and comments are really appreciated! Enjoy ... It's half way through the summer holidays and I'm bored stiff, Dani's away on holiday so I'm practically friend less. Nobody's in the mood to go out either. My holiday sucks. Hmmm what to do? Unlocking my phone I see twelve twitter notifactions, all made by either harry or niall. I scan down the list reading each one slowly, taking my time with Harry's. Reaching the bottom I read the last tweet. @harrystyles had tweeted- Any one up for omegle? Bored in the holidays :-( Omg this was posted a minute ago he'll still be on? I grab my laptop and jump on to my bed knocking my knees as I land. I curse under my breath. I have to prise the the mac book open, I broke it ages ago. Soon enough I'm on omegle searching for a chat buddy, I'm connected to someone literally straight away. Could it actually be him?

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