kiking the crush (harry styles fan fic)

When Holly connects to a chat buddy on omegle, Harry styles was the last person she expected be online! When their chats become a little more dirty, Harry finally realises that this girl was a little more than a fan. But when they meet is it really ment to be?


2. kik name?

Hope you like it ... Your now connected say hello! The message popped up onto my screen, my fingers tapped the keyboard. You- iya! Stranger- hiya! Stranger- whats your name? You- holly wbu? Stranger- harry You- like as in 1D harry?! I actually cannot belive this I might be talking to my idol, the boy that so many girls want to meet. Stranger - yeah I am xo You- I don't belive you! Prove it. Stranger- whats your Twitter name? You- rachel_niall23 I flick on to twitter typing Harry's name in, omg .. @harrystyles Talking to the beautiful @rachel_niall23 ;-) You-you actually arnt joking are you? Stranger- nope I'm the real thing ;-) Stranger- I'm going to have to disconnect have you got kik? Xox You- yep holly Stranger has disconnected. Within a second my phone screen buzzed, the Screen read 1 message kik! That's were it all began .... Thank you guys! I appreciate the comments and likes :-) sorry it's not that long will try to make my next update longer ! Please read my other movellas? Rainy nights and reunited? Love you ♥ Rachel x
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