Names and meanings

I put this because I have a hard time thinking of names and I figured if there's someone out there with the same problem then this could help them too.


1. Girl names

Name - Meaning - other ways to spell the name

Emery - Industrious, leader - Emory, Amery, Amorie Emerie, Emorie, Amorie, Amerie


Lucy   - Light - Louci, Lucie, Lucee, Lucey, Lousee


Angelina - Messenger - Angeleena


Violet - Violet, purple - Vyolette, Vyolet, Vyiolet, vyiolette


Viola - Violet (purple) flower- Vyola, vyiola, violla, vyolla, vyiolla


Vivian - alive - vivianne, viviaenne


Charlotte - Freeman - Charlot, Sharlot, Charlet, Sharlet, Charlit, Sharlit


Lily - Lily - Lilly, Lilie, Lillie


Ella - Torch; bright light - Ela


Sophia - Wisdom - Sofia


Emma - All-contianing; universal - Ema


Isabella - My God is a vow - Isabela, Issabella, Isabelle


Abigail - Father is rejoicing - Abbigail, Abby, Abbie, Abigale


Eleanor - Sun rays, shining light - Elanor, Elenor


Anastasia - Resurrection - Annastaja, Anastazja



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