love me

Nelly always knew how to get what she wanted even if it meant killing the people she loved. when a new Irish boy moves into dark medow lane and instantly falls in love with Meghan bell a not so good a friend of Nelly. Nelly sets out to hurt Meghan with her own powers in freeze tag.


1. prologue


How wonderful it would be to freeze people thought Nelly. Meghan and Nelly were never really good friends Nelly didn't exactly think like a normal girl most wanted to be a princess or a fairy not Nelly she would more want to throw some one in a freezer till they were solid ice and laugh in their faces. From the day the Horan family moved in down the street it’s been a fight for the cute blonde one Niall Horan me and him have been great friends since day one and because of that Nelly has always been jealous it was a hot summer night when Niall was cutting the grass outside his flat when my little brother west decided to jump on his back and start yelling orders. "Quick horsie move forward, cut the grass there, turn around and go over that spot there you skipped it. This cause Niall and I to laugh and play along I walked over to them and picked up a handful of grass and blew it in their faces when my friend Laura came and we sat and watched the boys and talked while eating all the Popsicle out my flat. When Nelly came by ad said with a huge smile on her bony face and said "get down west I want a turn. west of coarse being a little kid put up a fit and said "no I’m playing with my brother" and I know what you’re thinking there not brothers but because west doesn’t have a real brother Niall and his brother Greg promised to be the best brothers they can. It was so cute. "get down west I want a turn" Nelly I’m not giving away free rides then I’m walking with you and with that Nelly grabbed the side of the lawn mower and walked around part of the grass till west had to go to the bath room so he got off Niall and said he would be right back and ran into the horans flat and Niall quickly fallowed so he didn’t have to be with Nelly. just then Nelly came over to me and Laura as we were talking about the sleep over and what movies to watch when she said' hey guys can I sleep over to' 'sorry my mom said only one friend over tonight even though that was a complete lie my mom knew everyone and everything if something happened here my mom would have her door open to any one she always had drinks and snacks for the kids running around the court and if you needed advice or help in a tough situation she would be there to help she was a stay at home mom who was a person any one can call mom not just me and west. I hate you Meghan if I asked your mom she would say yes. She said and even though I know that was true, I didn’t want to be a lone with nelly all night long even though we were 10 she still looks like she could be 5 she was tall and skinny she just doesn’t look like she ages. then all of a sudden west came running out side with Niall and Greg nelly got up and said were going to play freeze tag and yes because we like being out door one game we grew up with was freeze tag I’m going to be it said nelly as soon as she said that west ran inside yelling no "west come here right now' nelly said with no emotion what so ever west came out side arms crossed like every other 3 year does when there mad and nelly whispered loud enough just so we could hear 'run'  and with that we were gone all in different direction we ran alone froze and alone and no one would move nelly of course caught west first and then Greg like he just gave up and didn’t even bother trying then she caught Laura and then Niall they just stayed like her mini statues when I realized something was not right nelly ran around with hate in her eyes when she saw me I knew something was wrong she was going to hurt someone and that someone was going to be me. I ran as fast as I could until I could run no more and with hat I went down on my knees and pleaded that she would do no wrong 'nelly please I will let you sleep over we can do whatever you want just don’t hurt me ' "I don’t like you Meghan your stupid and unimportant it’s too late for you. and she touched me with her cold hands and then when I went to stand I couldn’t I couldn’t move my legs I couldn’t move my arms I couldn’t even breath I felt like I’ve been frozen for years and I wouldn’t even know I went to scream but I couldn’t my lungs were cold and numb I was hopeless all I could here was nelly laughing and then I saw her walk up to Niall and just rub his arms and he fell right to the floor and stated to laugh when I could faintly here my mom yell come in kids it's time to start cleaning up I’m tired of washing grass stains off shirts and went back inside Niall got up and looked at everyone in sight wow you three are frozen so well you’re not even blinking' there not said nelly 'what are you talking about, I froze them there like ice sculptures 'what nelly unfreeze them now he yelled 'but Niall I love you your my favourite I don’t care what you think of me unfreeze them all! Nelly went and unfroze Greg who got up smiling saying good job nelly and then Laura who was pale as hell and ready to run again from having no idea what happened the she unfroze west who ran back to his house "mommmyyyyyyyy!!!! he yelled the whole way then they all looked around where’s Meghan what happened to her Laura yelled at nelly she’s frozen she said with a smirk well unfreeze tell her she can move something anything yelled Greg  no nelly said with a smirk unfreeze her pleaded Niall pleaded only if you promise me she said promise you what. To always like me best. I promise to always like you best Niall said like a soldier taking orders and with that nelly unfroze Meghan and ran away to the sunset when Mrs. Dee (Meghan’s mom) yelled a final time if we don’t come inside now everyone’s in trouble and we all left never speaking of this day again.

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