love me

Nelly always knew how to get what she wanted even if it meant killing the people she loved. when a new Irish boy moves into dark medow lane and instantly falls in love with Meghan bell a not so good a friend of Nelly. Nelly sets out to hurt Meghan with her own powers in freeze tag.


2. chapter 1


Meghan’s p.o.v

It’s been a few years since the game of freeze tag with Nelly, since that night no one ever played freeze tag again but now I’m in my 3rd year high school with Nelly. Greg never really is around and Niall left to be on the x-factor a few years ago he’s now in a world famous band one direction I can’t believe he actually made it I still remember the nights sitting with his family while me and Laura ate popcorn and cheered when he was on and how west would fall asleep half way through the show on the floor and we would have to get Greg to put him in bed after it was done. Now me and Laura wait nicely for him to visit while we miss him like crazy trying not to show it and how the last time he said good bye I can still remember perfectly 


When is he coming? when is he coming said west eagerly he could not wait till he got home he will be here soon said niall's mom trying to make so lunch before her son arrived me and Laura were just finishing decorating the cake when we heard a car horn we got up and ran right into Niall who was already with west and then I saw a face I did not ever want to see again nelly was standing in the front of her house waiting for Niall to see her after Niall got up from seeing us he waved him to nelly and ran in said to his mom who just finished lunch and was almost brought to tears of her son standing in her kitchen after a year of waiting to see him again. after Niall said hi to everyone in the neighborhood he sat outside and at lunch with me and Laura after about an hour Laura left and it was just me and him outside we obviously lost track of time because when dark came my mom yelled for me to come eat dinner because it was becoming very late he kissed me good night and I left.

[Present time}

Laura was talking to me but I still wasn’t listening I was too busy looking at my papers for next class and thinking of Niall and how much I missed him when BOOM I ran head first into one of the 12th graders when I looked up to see who it was I saw a blonde boy with gorgeous eyes and I could tell my face looked shocked but I really didn’t care all that I cared about was the fact the boy I loved the boy I’ve waited for almost 5 month was back from tour and with me now I hugged him he helped me up and I hugged him tight wishing I never had to let go.


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