Why me?

A girl who feels like she got bad look and every thing goes wrong for her.

A sneak peak part of my story:chapter 1 there is 7 of us
I loved it as I could get away. have some peace think about stuff I was lucky I didn't share a room with anyone it was just my room.
chapter 2 i don't want to lose u
I ran crying to my sister Ellie's bed. She said don't worry about me but that's all I could think about. I asked the doctor if she was going to be ok she said.............


3. Bak in the hospital

I carnt reamber anything just when the bus hit me. but... that was 3days ago. I asked how my sister was they said fine she went home yesterday. I was so happy she was ok,i asked when I would go home they said' i'm nott sure" she said very worried, I started to cry and said whats wrong with me" then she said 'you may never walk again" I didn't no what to say, I just cryed more. on sunday (10 days ater they brought me in) they put me in a in a wheel chair and said I could go home for the weekend but will be back after to talk about how it was I was really happy to be going home.......

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