Take Me

In this short story a girl named Dee is cautious on whether she should fall in love with her long time companion named Sean. In a world filled with romance, trouble also brews and something unfortunate happens that no one expects to happen. Will love overcome the obstacles that fate has placed in her way?


2. Why Are You Here?

I'd never been so frightened like this a day in my life. He showered over me, concentrating on my every curve. The room begin to close in on us, as I picked myself off of the floor. He closed the door, but the sound
afterwards was still there. I could only vent, & take deep breaths. To my surprise, he'd become even more dazzling. He was almost like a complete stranger that breached my home. From my facial expressions, I knew he could tell I was disturbed, but willing to hear some sort of explanation. I sat down and demanded, he tell me the truth at once!

"You know, I am too through, how in the hell can you show your face like this?!!

Who are you to barge in on me like...like this? You are so out of place here Sean!"

He began to walk closer to me as I gestured for him to stop.

"Sean, I don't understand why you are here, you must leave now, and please I am begging you not to return".

He looked at me with a bit of passion, so much confusion over clouded my heart. No matter how much I told him to leave, it seemed like it only made him want to stay more. Then I decided, ok he could plead his case...so I wouldn't have a reason to put him out so fast.

He walked to me slowly, and embraced me. "You don't want me to go do you..."

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