Take Me

In this short story a girl named Dee is cautious on whether she should fall in love with her long time companion named Sean. In a world filled with romance, trouble also brews and something unfortunate happens that no one expects to happen. Will love overcome the obstacles that fate has placed in her way?


3. Whatever The Truth May Be

My bones shivered in every part of my body. It was intense, it was like ice cold wind hitting my bones in a winter storm. (How dare he suggest he should stay?) Denial lurked in every corner of my heart, as if it resided there. I looked into his hazel eyes, & I wanted to know sincerely what was the true reason he was truly here. I began to ask, so nervous & shaky I was.

"Sean why... are you here?

Sean replied, " I came here to tell you I'm leaving soon...for good. I am joining the Air-Force, & base may be across the world. I just came to tell you that."

I broke into little tiny pieces, I couldn't believe he was joining the Air-Force & leaving for good. I took a deep breath, everything was different now, I had to ask him, I had to know about all what happened before! I demanded an explanation.

"I thought we weren't friends anymore because you stopped calling, you moved out of town. And one day I saw you with a girl, I thought...well I don't know what I thought Sean."

Sean looked every bit of shocked, it was almost like he resented every word I'd just spoken to him.

He damningly asked, "Damn it Dee what the hell do YOU want? If you can recall, YOU told me we could not be anything more than friends because if our relationship escalated; it would only cause problems. You told me you needed time for yourself, so that's what I gave you. I left this place Dee because I couldn't stand to be here another second without you. I contemplated over & over, thinking about how could I win your heart. I mean, I confessed my true feelings to you didn't I? You think those feelings are gone away--like they just vanished out of thin air? No, they haven't. It still hurts, even as I am talking to you, it hurts. That's why I decided to go away, it's like torture every single day. Even at night, I tried to sleep you away. But you even haunted me in my dreams." He looked bashful, & shameful. "Dee, I even dreamt about us together. I couldn't sleep from my anxiousness that consumed me. I want to touch you, feel your warmness on my skin. I want to feel you, taste you...kiss you. The girl you saw me with was my little cousin. If you were around more you wouldn't have so many twisted little assumptions Dee."

I was speechless. I felt like I just took a deep dive under water, & came back up--struggling to breathe...gasping for air. My body felt different, never before I felt so hot. The passion that burned within my soul caused a fire. I thought to myself; (He lies...he feels no such thing.) I was safe again, in my zone. I was always in control over my feelings, and my emotions! He wasn't gonna change that, how could he? Then I paused...who was I kidding-- I was so confused. I wasn't in control anymore.

Sean looked at me, while he stood his ground, "Dee I'm not leaving this house..."




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