Take Me

In this short story a girl named Dee is cautious on whether she should fall in love with her long time companion named Sean. In a world filled with romance, trouble also brews and something unfortunate happens that no one expects to happen. Will love overcome the obstacles that fate has placed in her way?


1. Unexpected Guest

By: Eunis Woods
I sat there, nervous...wanting to see what would happen next. There was a huge mirror in front of me, glaring at me; testing me. I wasn't needing anything at the time; I thought. I was so foolish. In the back of my mind, the hunger for love died...it no longer existed in my life. Then I hear a hard knock. It alarmed me, it truly did. Who could be here at this time of night?

There was silence, nothing moved. Then this time it was more forceful, I wanted to pretend no one was there. The knock continued, as frustrated I was; I stood up to confront this intruder. I mean an intruder of my privacy, my alone time, this time I spent alone was my time to soul search & figure things out. Every step I took drew me closer, & closer to the unknown. In the depths of my soul fear lingered, haunting me--wanting me to address whoever was at my door. As I turned the doorknob, my heart pounded rapidly, the anxiety was overwhelming. I cracked the door open and slightly peeked outside. The force from a hand was very strong indeed, someone just pushed open the damn door. I fell to the cold floor... As I looked up, my heart fell to the ground, my eyes began to water. I saw him, staring through my soul as he stood over me.



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