Take Me

In this short story a girl named Dee is cautious on whether she should fall in love with her long time companion named Sean. In a world filled with romance, trouble also brews and something unfortunate happens that no one expects to happen. Will love overcome the obstacles that fate has placed in her way?


4. Come Back My Love


As Sean leaned towards me, I was frozen, those words jabbed through my heart like an icepick. I could tell how he desperately waited for a response. But inside I felt a little angry. He was supposed to wait for me, if he truly cared like he said he did. Why didn't he wait a little longer. No, I can't....he is trying to pressure me into being with him. I crept a little closer to him,

Dee: "Well GO! That's what you really want to do anyway. You've already decided without me; so I know I won't be able to change your mind."

I hurried to kiss him on the cheek, but he suddenly turned away from me, his turn was so sharp--like the edge of a razor. It left me with the thought of sorrow, oh how will I feel without him. As he struck each foot to the ground, he edged even more to the door.

My pride hindered my decisions I made in life. But never once did I think one such as this would be able to hurt me, and control me so badly. Was I acting so selfish whereas I could even deprive myself from something so precious? Sean had already left outside, into the darkness of the night. I ran to him. Tears running down my cheeks as I ran down the street.

I instantly yelled, I screamed like never before, " SEAN WAIT!!! PLEASE WAIT FOR ME!!" In a distance I saw his shadow turn. I ran to him..."Wait please, wait a minute. I do care about you Sean." (I exhaled deeply) "I just don't understand why you want to leave from here...so far away from me. I'm sorry for taking you for granted, I know I joked a lot--but please believe me I never knew you truly felt this way. Everything just seemed like it happened in a blink of an eye. If you do decide to go, just know I would truly miss you, & I'd have to cry myself to sleep every night." I gave him a big hug, as I began to say goodnight he swept me off of my feet.

Instant romance was born at that very moment. We were perfect together, I then knew we belonged to one another. It was crazy, all of this time I thought things such as this was hopeless. But there we were, new to each other. It was like a burst of light, the glow of a newborn life! He kissed me. His kiss was so very delightful, & beautiful.

He then asked,

" Should I go?"


I didn't know how to ask him to stay, I was too afraid. I just gazed into those hazel eyes again. I thought to myself...(He is full of it, so full & I chuckled out loud) I wanted to distract him from his question. He laughed as well, wiping my eyes...

"Come on Dee, I'll walk you back."

That walk was full of anticipation, & fear. We were almost at my house. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. I felt jittery, like I drunk five cups of the strongest coffee.

We arrived at the doorstep. The silence was deadly. I was so ready to run.

"Well Sean, good...--"

(Before I could finish my statement, I was interrupted by his kiss.)

It was so powerful, I wanted to fall to the ground. I never felt a kiss such as this. He embraced my body, my soul was beginning to drift in the night. I could no longer put up a fight anymore. I was weak, I was helpless. We fell into the door, my body was in the clouds. He opened my door, struggling to take his jacket off. He lifted my dress, his hands were active, feeling my warmness--my wetness. All I could do was gasp, he then ripped my panties. The adrenaline pumped through the blood of my veins. I clinched unto him tightly as he pinned me against the wall. My legs were around his waist. The more I moaned, the heavier I felt.

He slowed down, "Relax, just relax."

I then found myself on the floor, naked & willing. I accepted him into me, the chance to let go was so powerful. I could only give into his thrusts, his kisses. I let go completely. I no longer raced anymore, I was free. My oils leaked all over him, our hearts pounded as one. It felt like he belonged in me, he continued until I felt him release himself into me. I was breathless, tired & fully satisfied. He kissed my forehead, & slowly removed himself out of me. I could only see things by parts...nothing was whole anymore.

We laid there together until we our eyes began to close shut. I could only dream of what I was about to dream. I never wanted that night to end. I was his, & he was mine. We were each other's. No longer were we separate, we'd became one.



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