The Story Of Us

We were best friends. Then the big city with the bright lights called to him , and he left. Who thought his terrible driving could bring us back together.


3. Getting Ready

As I pulled into my drive I looked through the kitchen window to see my mum dancing. She seemed happy , it had been awhile.I jumped out the car , grabbing my bag and ran inside. There was music blarring and mum was spinning around singing along. I joined her and we danced along to the music. When the mood died down a bit I turned to her.

'What was that?' I asked casually, smiling slighty.

She flicked her hair and gave me a massive grin, 'Oh Eliza, I'm so excited about going out. I've spent the whole day getting ready. I've had a manicure, pedicure and even my hair done! I can't look scruffy when both of them will look a million dollars. Literally!'

'Mum,' I replied giving her a serious look, 'I don't think they'll care about what we look like. It's just dinner.' I said with a sigh.

'Well, its always nice to make the effort, isn't it hunny. Why don't you go and start getting ready now?' She said with a little smile.

Slowly I walked through the house to my room.


To begin with I had no idea what to wear. But as time went past, and more of my clothes came out of my wardrobe, and mostly on the floor, I realised I had a lot to choose from. I finally decided on black skinny jeans, a black and gold posh top with my black heeled chelsea boots. I went over to my mirror and started to apply make-up when it suddenly occured to me that this dinner was going to be sooooo awkward. What was there to talk about, everyone knows everything about him. And it's not like anything really has happened to me.

I could live with it. And in a wierd way I was looking forwards to seeing him again.

I walked out of my room into the kitchen and found my mum glammed up with her phone to her ear, 'Yes, John, I know it's a crisis but I'm off duty and it's not my responsabilty.....No, I can't help you because I'm just about to leave to go out to dinner....No John, not now. I'll see you at work.' And with that my mum flipped her phone shut and put it in her handbag.

'Is everything alright?' I asked tentativley. I knew things had been rough at my mums work. They had been firing alot of people, and no one seemed to take my mum seriously appart from John who liked my mum big time. I had to feel a little sorry for him. Mum really wasn't intrested.

Checking quickly through her bag, she replied, 'Oh, yes. Everythings fine. John's just having a meltdown. He really needs to get a grip of himself. I can't do his job for him, I have enough to do!' Grabbing her keys of the counter, she sprang to life. 'Right, well lets go.'












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