The Story Of Us

We were best friends. Then the big city with the bright lights called to him , and he left. Who thought his terrible driving could bring us back together.


5. Emily

As soon as I got home I called Emily. Even though not much had happened at dinner, I knew she would still want to hear all about it.

She picked up on the second ring. 'Hello, Eliza?' she said into the phone.

'Hey Em, how are you?' I replied quietly into the phone.

'How am I?!' She squealed into the phone. 'How are you?! how was dinner with the JB pop sensation?'

'It was really good, it was like old times again.' I said happily down the phone.

'As if, you like him. I can hear it in your voice. And don't think that I don't realise you liked him when we were younger. You LIKE him!'

'Well, I don't know if I do like him. And even if I did, nothing would happen.' I replied sadly.

'Oh yeah, and why the hell would that be?'

'Because I'm me and he's him. And anyway, he probally won't stick around for long, you know, the fame and everything.'

'Right, well you know how big a fan I am right? So your going to introduce me to him so I can have a claim to fame. Alright?'

'Of course.'

We spoke late into the night and I told her all about dinner, and how I was tutoring him. I could hear her excitement radiating through the phone. She thought we were going to get together. But I wasn't that sure. I wanted it too happen, I just didn't think it would.

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