The Story Of Us

We were best friends. Then the big city with the bright lights called to him , and he left. Who thought his terrible driving could bring us back together.


4. Dinner

As we drove into the car park, I looked around and found that there were no other cars here. On Friday night. Unusual. But then my mum explained.

'They had to book the restaurant out. Didn't want anyone to harass him. You know? But doesn't it make you feel important! OOhh I feel like a star!' She said happily.

To be honest, it didn't make me feel important. It just made me feel nervous, and way out of my comfort zone.

'Right, well let's go.' Mum said and she looked to me expectantly, then turned and got out of the car. Grabbing all my things, I stuffed them in my handbag and joined her.

The restaurant itself, was not that bad. It was the people in it. You could tell they were giddy with excitement, and as I looked around I could tell why. Pattie and Justin were sat at a small table in the middle of the floor. I looked back at the lady coming towards us.

'Hi, I'm Tiffany the manager of this restaurant. Would you like me to take your coats for you?' She asked politely.

Both my mum and I replied at the same time. 'Yes, thank you.'

Slipping of my jacket, I gave it to her then smiled. 'Your table is just this way. If you would like to follow me.' She said, then started to walk in the direction of Pattie and Justin. Looking over at them, I caught Justin's eye. They both stood up in welcome. I quickly looked at the floor, still following Tiffany, with my mum close behind me.

As we neared the table Pattie came to us, and engulfed me in a massive hug. 'Oh look at you! Your soo grown up now, and so beautiful,' then she turned to my mum, 'Sam, she looks just like you, how are you?' and with that she and my mum were having a big hug.

I turned around to look at Justin. 'Hi,' I said meekly, walking towards him slowly.

'Is that all I get,' He said cheekily and pulled me into a hug. Releasing me, he asked 'How are you? You look good.'

I wasn't good. These past few months of my life had been hell. But you can't tell that to someone who you haven't seen in about 4 years. 'I'm good. Thank you. How are you, and how is the spotlight treating you?' I asked jokingly.

He looked at me, and his bright brown eyes hung to my face. Like he was trying to see the truth, like he could tell that I was lying. I looked back at him, taking a good look. His hair was moused up, short at the sides and long on top. Everytime I looked at him, he took my breath away. He was wearing a pale blue shirt with chinos and supros.

'It's great. But it's good to be back to my home town, you know what i mean?' He replied.

'Yeah, this village is pretty hard to stay away from, especially when the alternative is a big city like New York,' I sacastically remark.

'Hey, now, this village is great. And it also has you in it. I miss you. It's been, what like 4 years..'


'3 years then, thats along time to not see someone. Especially someone as great as you.' He said seductively. He must of seen me flush because he quickly added, 'You want to sit down?'

'Yeah, that would be good.'

I sat next to Justin and all through the evening we talked about everything and anything. It was like nothing had changed and he was just the same as he was 3 years ago. My mum and Pattie also talked the whole evening. You could tell they were best friends, as the conversations they had were weird and personal.

'So, Eliza, how's school going?' Pattie asked me as the main course came out of the kitchen.

'It's ok, it's been really busy though.' I replied sadly.

'Eliza, I can't believe you didn't say so. She got all A* in her exams and has been excepted into all the colleges she applied to. My little girl all grown up!' She said happily to the table.

How embarrassing. I quickly looked down at my meal, but not before meeting Justin eye. He gave me an impressed look and a smile. Sweet.

'Really. Well Justin's not doing that well, are you Justin?' Pattie told Justin. He blushed and looked down at his food. 'Because we've been on the road alot, he's found it hard to concentrate on his school work.' She looked at me and smiled, 'Maybe if your not too busy, you could spend some time with Justin, just going over the basics?'

Everyone at the table looked at me, and I could feel my cheeks heat up. 'Um, yeah sure. That sounds fun.'

'Ahh great, it will be great to see you two spend some time together. On the way over here Justin was telling me how he'd missed you and how he wanted it to go back to how it was, weren't you Justin?' Pattie said looking at Justin.

He squirmed in his seat as he realised all eyes were on him. Including mine. He looked at me and our eyes met again.

'Yeah,' he replied shyly,'sounds like a good idea.'


















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