The Story Of Us

We were best friends. Then the big city with the bright lights called to him , and he left. Who thought his terrible driving could bring us back together.


6. After

Waking up the next morning wasn't that bad. I didn't actually feel that tired, though I hadn't slept well at all. I had been kept awake by the memories of the old Justin, about how much he had changed. For some reason it made me think about myself. And how much I had changed aswel. Everything about me was different. Because my family had fallen apart, I thought a family that was together, was like a gift. Sometimes taken for granted.

It was my dads fault my mum isn't as happy. My dad had an affair with a young waitress at a restaurant we always ate out at. She was very pretty. But now I just think of her as a whore. Someone who unnecessarily broke up a happy family. Maybe my dad wasn't happy,he shouldn't have gone about it like that though. I haven't really stayed in contact with him. Him and his new young girlfriend moved about an hour away. They bought a massive house with my dads money and left me and my mum with nothing. When he calls I have nothing to say to him. And when I have been asked to visit him, I always decline. Because although it would be alright to see him again, I can't imagine it. Visiting someone who just left you, and didn't look back.

Also I knew what it would do to my mother. When the affair was revealed, the whole town knew about it. My mother was devastated. It broke her, and I have never seen her smile her old smile, the one she used to use all the time. She was finally happy now. She had even found a guy. Mark, who adored her, and didn't mind that she had a child. She was happy.


I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen, yawning as I reached the fridge and grabbed the milk. 

'Morning, sweetie. Sleep well?' My mum asked from the kitchen table. 

'Yeah, it was ok. Yours?' I replied politely.

'Surprisingly good, thank you.' She smiled, and picked up the newspaper and began to read.

I ate my breakfast at the kitchen table with my mum, then returned to my room and started to get ready. I dressed up in the usual shorts and t shirt with converse, and did my make up. 

'I'm off to work mum,' I said loudly as I walked through the front door.

Getting into my car I drove into town. Work with Emily was great, but I had a feeling today was going to be all questions and answers!












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